Saturday, January 19, 2013

Toy Spotlight - You guessed it....Lego!

So I was going around the League checking out some of the new stuff being posted and came across this. Over at Toyriffic, "bump codes" for Lego Blind Bags are being shared. I had never heard of these but apparently there are unique dots on the bottom backs of the blind bags that give away the character inside. Well needless to say as soon as I saw his post I was out the door to test these so called codes. I felt a little creepy examining toys against the photos from his blog on my cell, while at the same groping the baggies in an attempt to feel a recognizable part. I was able to find matching codes to the ones shared over at Toyriffic after about 5 minutes of looking. Now the goal was to score the Cyclops, Chicken Suit Guy, and Dr. Jackal/Mr. Hyde. Here is how I did......
Needless to say, the codes worked like a charm! I got all three I wanted in EXACTLY three blind bags! Toyriffic your awesome for sharing this info and making me one happy, big kid!

I also snapped this photo while in the Lego aisle of some really cool Monster minifigures I'm hoping to pick up at some point....
So that wraps up yet another Lego Toy Spotlight. Thanks again to Toyriffic for this awesome strategy!


  1. I know what you mean! There is nothing more strange feeling than messing with those blind bags in a toy store. But those bump codes are very helpful. Glad you got some! These have only showed up at one store in my area, but I am hoping for more.

  2. Buying those bling bags is addicting! Thanks for stoping by and checking out the blog!

  3. Glad they work and you got what you wanted!