Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Collecting Goals for Lucky #13

So the holidays are over. They were pretty shit this year if I'm honest. I spent them sick with a stomach bug which transitioned nicely into a full fledged head cold. I had big plans for my Christmas break which included taking a ride to "Jay a d Silent Bob's Secret Stash" (the store where they film comic book men). Unfortunately due to my illnesses I basically accomplished nothing. Either way its a new year and I have big plans! Both personally and for my ever growing collection. Here's to a great 2013.....

Ill start my collecting goals piece by showing you guys a shot of my Nerd Nook before and after. This pic shows how much it changed in a year and a half. Quite a bit more now but strangely enough it looks bigger with more stuff in it. Weird!
 Collecting goals..

1. Expand my foreign "Super Powers Collection". I really like the foreign stuff. It adds some variety to the collection and also allows for some cool comparisons! Specific figure I hope to add....El Captain Ray....yup I said it! (Difficulty level 10/10)

2. Expand my carded and loose collection of "Real Ghostbusters" figures. I just want the original four on the card. Then I'd like to pick up some of the cool ghosts. I loved these figures when I was a kid and I think they would look great in my display. (Difficulty level 5/10) only because the carded original four are fairly rare and quite pricey.

3. Add onto my "Thundercats" loose collection. I only I have Lion-o (he's en route as we speak) with working eyes! I am hoping to add some of my old favorites. Once again, loved these as a kid and they are awesome. Not even going to consider mint on card due to the insane prices they go for! (Difficulty level 2/10)

4. Complete my loose collection of vintage Star Wars figures and have it include Blue Snaggletooth, Yak Face, and Vinyl Caped Jawa (would need to be AFA graded to ensure authenticity). Not gonna go for vehicles but I may try to get some of the beasts (guess you call them that). Like the Rancor and Wampa....perhaps a Dewback. (Difficulty level 8/10) due to the 3 rare/pricey guys I mentioned.

5. Expand my loose vintage Masters of the Universe collection. This line and Super Powers are what started it all for me in terms of loving toys and pop culture. I'd love to have some of my old favorites in my glass cases. Going for loose once again due to the crazy prices! (Difficulty 1/10)

6. Start a vintage TMNT collection. I REALLY loved this cartoon. I was old enough to really appreciate it. I remember when my grand mom took me and my big brother to Toys R Us and got us a bunch to share. Awesome memory! I also loved that four player arcade machine. Anyway I hope to pick up the turtles themselves and some of the supporting characters. Ill probably go loose for these as well. Favorite turtle as a kid....Michelangelo. (Difficulty 2/10)

I think that about does it. Lofty goals I know but hey why not! Hopefully when I revisit this post in 2014 I will feel good about my progress!

I do have a few personal goals that I hope to achieve this year.  Instead of listing them I'll simply end with a fitting/favorite quote from a a movie that really hit home for me....

"Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around" - Vanilla Sky (love that movie)


  1. Hey Rich, this is your boy SuperPowerNate from the KSP boards. Love the blog!! This is one lofty list for one year...especially with a wife, lol! I absolutely love the ambition. I've been getting into some toy blogs lately and yours is one that is high on my list. I've toyed (haha) with the idea of starting my own, but I really don't know what I'd talk about exactly. I'd like to give a shout out to a friend of mine who has a cool toy blog on blogspot you might enjoy. Check out Miss M over at Diary of a Dorkette. She talks about girls toys, but she loves boys toys as well. Great stuff. If you actually get over to Jay and Bob's stash Rich, I want to hear all about it. Talk at you later!

  2. Nate, thanks for the kind words! Ill def check onto the blog you mentioned and don't worry I'm going to the stash at the latest this summer. I will document it well!

  3. By the way Nate, I know these are lofty goals but why not. I have a poster in my classroom that says "shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars!". I'm shooting for the moon :)