Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toy Spotlight - New 52 Justice League "We Can Be Heroes" 7 Pack

For this Toy Spotlight I'll be taking a closer look at the recently released DC Collectibles, New 52 Justice League We Can Be Heroes 7 Pack.
Just a quick bit of info on this item:
  1. Each of these figures could be purchased solo.
  2. This set is for a cause, one that will raise money for famine in Africa
  3. You'll save over $40.00 Purchasing the figures in the box set over single packages.
  4. 3 accessories are not included in this set including: Wonder Woman's dagger, Green Lantern's lantern, and Cyborg's additional arm attachment.
Included in this set you receive Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg.
This set is a really awesome value! The figures are excellent likenesses of the characters and aren't overly articulated which, in my opinion, makes for a much nicer overall figures!
This Darkseid is sold separately and towers over the Heroes from the same line.
Many of the figures have metallic paint highlights which look great!

So that's it for this toy spotlight. I definitely recommend getting this set if you want these figures! They look epic displayed together as a complete set.

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