Monday, January 14, 2013

Think Geek Spotlight!

Nope, I'm not getting anything out of sharing their newest goodies other then the joy of spreading around these awesome new items! If your not familiar with Think Geek, they are a website that sells geeky goodies...."stuff for smart masses" as they like to put it.

I have purchased quite a few goodies from them including:
Mini Aperature Science Hand  Held Portal Device (portal gun for the much less nerdy), Plush Turret (motion sensor activated), and LED portal turret. Yeah, I kind of like portal....
A giant lego Boba Fett clock, Troll face figure, and Dali inspired melting clock
These are a few of their recent listings and I predict a few of these will make their way into a future installment of Nerd Nook Newbies.....

Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box:

Its retro, its fun, its Portal!

Minecraft light up torch (yes, they can be mounted on the wall!):
Does anyone else out there love this simple, ultra pixelated, yet amazingly addicting building game? I play it on my Xbox and have literally sunk 100s of hours into a multitude of projects in this game. Its especially fun playing coop and working on massive group projects. I think the Nerd Nook needs one or two of these torches!

Anyway thats it. I saw these items this morning and felt compelled to share them!

Instead of a quote I'll end with this.....


  1. Two of the best and most original games out there

    1. agreed, don't be surprised if you see two of the torches in the nook....very....soon!