Saturday, January 5, 2013

Toy Spotlight - Lego Blind Bags

So as I mentioned a few posts back I was in a Lego Store not too long ago.  I really wanted that R2 but oh well. So today I was out picking up some bins to store my soon to be taken down Christmas decorations and came across these guys....
I had heard about these blind bag mini figures but had yet to buy any. I got the last two they had hoping for Santa from series 8 and the Knight from series 7. I got neither : (
Here are the two I got -
The business man with the news paper on the left is from series 8 while the coffee shop hipster guy is from series 7.  I truthfully got each of the guys from both series that I wanted the least.Oh well. I'd like to start a mini fig collection because they are so cool. Who knows.

I'll wrap up with a few really cool mini figures I've had for a while that I just recently pulled out of my storage bin for this post. I picked them up when I was on a big Lego Indy kick after playing the game for Xbox. "They belong in a museum!" ....or at least my shelf for a while!
Henry Jones, Henry Jones Jr. (Indiana), and a custom George Lucas
The Indy Sr. and Jr. set is obviously from the motorcycle chase in "Last Crusade"

So that'll do it for this quick Lego post. I'll be sure to post pics in upcoming Nerd Nook Newbies if I do end up collecting some mini figures. 

"I named the dog Indiana!" - Henry Jones

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