Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Lego Store!

So this last weekend my wife and I braved the post Christmas crowds and headed out to the King of Prussia mall(anyone who knows this mall knows its massive). We had gift cards to spend and a few returns to make. We wandered together for a while but after having spotted a comic store and a Lego Store (didn't even know this existed) on the directory I knew at some point I'd need to sneak off on my own for a bit. Finally my wife wanted to browse in some gigantic clothing store for women....this was my chance! I said "sure! Take all the time you need". She gave me a "what are you up to look" and went on her way. I headed straight for section "G" to check out this Lego Store. It was awesome! I couldn't believe how cool some of the sets and minifigs were! They had a massive B Wing and R2-D2 in the store window display as well as other awesome sets inside. I didn't know Lego had the TMNT license. I was sooooo close to buying the R2. I had it down off the shelf in my hands but ultimately decided the 180$ price tag was just too much :(

I am however considering beginning a small mini figure collection as they are super cool and are making some of my favorite characters from Star Wars to Super Heroes and more! Here's a few pics I snuck in ..... All the little kids watching the biggest kid of all!

Photos include the R2 I mentioned and a Helm's Deep playset from "Lord of the Rings"

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