Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 10 - 80s Cop Movies!

Ok, been a while since I did a top 10. I was thinking for a bit about what could be a good topic to bring it back....80s Cop Movies is what I came up with.

Now anyone out there who grew up in the 80s knows there was no shortage of Cop related goodness. From dramas to comedies and everything in between, the 80s knew cop movies! Here are my top 10 as well as a few honorable mentions (like I said no shortage!) Might wanna pop down and start the Untouchables theme before proceeding....add to the whole experience =)

10. Red Heat
9. 48 Hours

8. RoboCop
This movie is just plain bad ass.

7. Lethal Weapon
 This movie started a pretty sweet franchise! Mel in the 80s was pretty tough to ignore.

6. Police Academy 
"Drop that stereo before I blow your goddamn nuts off, asshole"- Tackleberry

5. Beverly Hills Cop
After seeing this movie I immediately wanted to be a cop (the Ferrari sealed it!)

4. The Untouchables
 For this one I had to use the theme rather then just a poster. The music in this movie elevates it considerably in my opinion. Sean Connery certainly helped too!

3. Black Rain
80s, 90s doesn't matter the decade or the genre....this is just plain incredible.
"You watch your tail cowboy"

2. Die Hard
One of the best cop movies period. A gem for those who love to throw around quotes like myself!

1. Running Scared
As a kid me and my brother probably watched this movie 30 times. Absolutely loved this one! The song Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald (was written for this movie) is my official start of summer anthem!
"I asked for one backup, ONE backup! You bring the Rose parade!"

Honorable Mention
 Turner and Hootch
Tango and Cash

So that'll do it for my return to top tens! Love to hear any of your favorites I might have missed or even your favorite quotes from any of the movies I mentioned (love quotes). Gonna end with another from my number 1 pick.....

"We lost the suspect, our keys, our car, OUR PANTS!"

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