Friday, January 18, 2013

Toy Spotlight - Legos!

Lately I've been loving Lego (not that I didn't when I was a kid). But I have recently started collecting Lego stuff again. I'm especially into the mini figures. I love the spin Lego puts on some of my favorite characters. Lego has so many great licenses including Marvel, DC, TMNT, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. They have been releasing some awesome stuff and I haven't been able to resist.

So today I was picking up some envelopes and other odds and ends at Target and I saw the little box set in the image above. The set recreates an Endor battle and includes some great little goodies!
I'm loving this Biker Scout Trooper and this sweet speeder bike!
Check out the awesome detail in that Stormtrooper's helmet!
This dude is manning the mounted turret! I like the tree and plants included...adds to the Endor feel.
For 12 buck, this is an awesome set!

I also picked up these Hobbit minifigures:
I dig how much stuff you get in these baggies! The fish and bone accessories are a nice touch! Gollum looks awesome!
Bilbo came with two "Sting" daggers! Love how they capture his likeness with the hair piece!

Finally, I have been absolutely addicted to these blind bags! Lego has done a great job including some awesome characters in these! Series 9 has just started hitting stores and these are the first 3 I've scored.....
A cop, a Roman Senator (sweet!), and this space dude....he has a rocket pack on his back.
And from Series 8....I finally scored Santa! Better late then never I always say!

Ok so that'll do it for another toy spotlight! Expect to be seeing more Lego stuff in the future!

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