Monday, January 7, 2013

Nerd Nook Newbies - A bit of everything!

Hey all welcome to an exciting installment of Nerd Nook Newbies! Now just to give you guys a quick heads up, I had quite a few gift cards from the holidays burning a hole in my pocket so I did splurge here quite a bit. You could say I kicked off my 2013 collecting year with a bang!

Newbie 1 - The elusive Shell Gas Station Canadian Slim Carded Green Lantern
As far as slim cards go, this is by far the hardest to find. I have been after one of these for months. I sort of gave up on my slim carded collection needing only Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. As soon as I had the chance to get this guy I grabbed em.  Expect to see a slim carded Wonder Woman in a future Newbies to round out my collection!

Newbie 2 - Replica L-Slot Rocket Firing Boba Fett Prototype

Yes you read it right "replica". Unfortunately its not the real thing and its not worth a small fortune. I picked this guy for 25 bucks because I thought it would look cool in my growing loose Star Wars Collection. I was right. The rocket really does fire. Far and fast.
"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Newbie 3 - Vintage Lion-O and Snarf

 Eyes still light!
Absolutely loved this toy when I was a kid....almost as much as Cheetara and her "baretts" as my 5 year old self liked to call them =)

Newbie 4 - Toy Biz Wolverine (early 90s)
Now this guy isn't really a newbie at all. He's actually an oldie. 20+ plus years to be honest. Now I have to send out a thanks to Brian over at Cool and Collected. Had it not been for his League assignment I may have never found this guy.  This was MY figure, and as a kid who moved ALOT, most of my childhood toys were lost. Well instead of 4 surviving toys I now have 5!

So your wondering "what did the league assignment have to do with finding an old toy?". Well if you read my league post I pulled out my "spy bag" to photograph it for the "Spies" assignment. I figured I hadn't opened it in probably 15 years.Well needless to say I was thrilled to find this guy inside! He of course has his own sentimental story of how he came to be mine. So once again thanks Brian for the league assignment that has reunited me with another beloved childhood toy! 

Fifth and Final Newbies - 1979 Knickerbocker Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Gray and Ring Wraith

These were the guys that I splurged for! I figured I got the gift cards and worked out a good deal....why not! I am hoping to finish the set with the exception of the two horses. These toys are just excellent figures. I am simply amazed at the level of detail in that Ring Wraiths sculpt and accessories. Incredible!

Phew! That does it for a busy week in the Nerd Nook. As always I'd really enjoy hearing what you think so drop me a comment!

"You only live twice, one life for yourself and one for your dreams....."


  1. Love those Knickerbocker LOTR figures! I don't remember ever seeing one of these in person, but that Ringwraith would be the crown jewel in many collections.

    1. They are incredibly awesome figures. Amazing amount of details went into that ring wraith!