Thursday, April 17, 2014

LOEB - When Did I Get So....

Been having a tough time deciding on a topic to write about for this one so I decided to go with what initially popped in my head...."When did I get so.....LAME!"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

LOEB - Hey, i'sn't that...
So yeah...I've pretty much lived along the East Coast my entire life and celebrity run-ins have been few and far between. Sure there have been a few. I once ran into Billy Dee Williams and caught a passing glimpse of Bill Murray....but beyond that my celebrity elbow bumping has been slim to none. So, with that said, I figured I'd stick to what I know....

"Hey, isn't that Green Lantern dressed up like The Riddler!"

Friday, April 4, 2014

LOEB - Blue-Light Fan Boy!
Having chosen this week's topic, it's slightly ironic that I had a hard time deciding on something to write about.  Luckily for me I took some inspiration from Brian's post and am going to run with it. I bring you.....

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Blue-Light Fan Boy!
I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't into comic book heroes, cartoons, toys, and all sorts of pop culture. Having a brother only a year and half older than me was awesome.....We dug the same stuff and had TONS of fun playing together. I can still remember some of our late night talks in the dark, each of us in our beds (we shared a room until we were well into our teens) staring at the ceiling talking about whatever it was we were obsessed with at the time. It was great fun and I truly cherish those experiences. 

With all that said I didn't really get into movies until the late 80s. Prior to that it was primarily toys and cartoons. Things changed when my family moved in 1987. We went from being a few 100 miles away from my Grandmom to sharing the same house. My brother and I acclimated to life in the city fairly quickly. You could say we picked up right where we left off with the toys, cartoons, and collectibles. We found all the closest comic stores and were off and running in no time. Aside from our favorite comic stores there was one other place we loved to go.....

Our weekly K-Mart trip became quite the event. My Uncle Charlie would drive me, my brother, and my Grandmom over. My brother and I would of course head straight for the toys while my Grandmom took care of her shopping. We'd always get something small like a match box car while my Grandmom would make her weekly VHS selection. This brings me to "Blue-Light Fanboy!".
 Uncle Charlie and Grandmom- Couple of characters!

The first tape my Grandmom ever bought was "Raiders of the Lost Ark". I remember it like it was yesterday. My brother and I sprawled across the carpet completely spellbound. I wanted to BE Indiana Jones in the worst way! Sure the ghosts at the end scared the living shit out of me but damn it if it wasn't worth it! The weekly movies continued on from that point. There was "Goldfinger", "Last Crusade", "Where Eagles Dare", "Rocky", and SO MANY more. Those simple K-Mart trips turned a kid with fan boy tenancies into an UBER fan for life! It was the beginning of my lifelong love for movies. I discovered some of pop cultures most legendary characters from that carpet, fresh off a trip to K-Mart. It was an overall awesome experience. Fun and exciting! I think that's a big part of what's missing for the younger generations these days. The experiences. We couldn't just press a button and stream a movie. We had to go out TOGETHER. Our friends, families, whoever, and interact. We went to places like Blockbuster, K-Mart, and West Coast video. We stopped for ice cream or donuts. We rambled away in the back seat with seat belts that only went across our waists! We not only survived but had a ball while we were at it! No one was checking a cell phone, Tweeting, Instagraming, texting, or anything else. We were in the moment. Our only source of entertainment was our buddy next to us listening while we babbled away about TMNT, our favorite ball team, or what we were gonna do outside the next day. It was fun in every way possible and I sure do miss it! Grandmom and Uncle Charlie are well into their 80s these days but we still catch the occasional movie and reminisce about those good old days that I'll never forget!

With ALL that said, I suppose it could sound silly to say you fondly remember trips to a defunct department store, but as I mentioned above they were anything but ordinary! 

Hopefully I didn't bore you to death! Be sure to check out the rest of the League's "Cool Stories!"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

80s Spotlight - Black Rain

The 80s was a decade rich with cop movies. There was "Lethal Weapon", "Beverly Hills Cop", "48 Hours", "Robocop", "Police Academy" (for the lols), "Running Scared" (childhood favorite), "The Untouchables" (epic soundtrack), "Die Hard", "Red Heat", "Tango and Cash", "Turner and Hootch", and the list goes on. With all those great and memorable movies mentioned, there's one that rises to the top for me, "Black Rain". 

This movie had an amazing cast and the settings in Japan were perfect. The score by Hans Zimmer as well as "I'll Be Holding On" by Greg Allman were perfect compliments to this great cop flick. 

The movie begins with Nick (Michael Douglas' character), a motorcycle racing for cash New York cop embroiled in an internal affairs investigation into his on the job ethics. His partner Charlie (Andy Garcia) is a young, hip (for the 80s), hot shot cop loaded with enthusiasm. They make for a great pair! 

While Nick is dealing with the heat of the investigation, he and Charlie by chance witness a Japenese mob style hit in a restaurant in New York. They are able to chase down and apprehend a high ranking member of the Japanese mob, Sato. Sato is wanted in Japan for an assortment of offenses and is to be sent back to Japan. Nick and Charlie are to personally deliver him and that's when things go! They are duped before they even get off the plane by Sato's men impersonating police. Needless to say Nick is not the type of cop that takes kindly to being screwed with. They delve head first into a counterfeiting war more complex than they could have ever predicted.

It's truly a masterpiece of a movie with some great quotes from Michael Douglas that if I included would lose me my PG rating fast! The performance by the cast is outstanding. If you haven't seen this movie put at the top of your to do list! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

LOEB - My Life in One Square Foot
This week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers we'll be snapping a photo of one square foot. The catch is we'll need to fill that one square foot with items that sum up our lives. I decided a fun way to approach this topic would be my life as a lover of pop culture in one square foot. Here goes....

Literally the first thing I popped into my frame was the MOC Super Powers Superman and my Flying Fist He-Man from childhood. Super Powers and MOTU are the first action figures I remember playing with. You could say it's where it all started. Also in this photo are two variations of Super Mario. I don't think many 80s kids can think back to their childhood and not recall fond memories with everyone's favorite plumber! I also threw in some Muscle Men. I had loads of them. Simple yet fun! Finally I popped in my Ultimate Warrior action figures (Thanks Brian!). For a few years my brother and I went through what I like to call our wrestling phase. We were obsessed and the Warrior was my favorite!

In this shot I've got some more vital pieces of my childhood. My first pocket knife (I thought I was Indy himself with that thing), Malebolgia from the 90s Spawn toy line (I had quite a collection of those but never had this guy!), a pvc E.T. (my favorite movie of all time), Ghost of Obi Wan (my love of Star Wars began in the 90s and I had loads of those figures), 1989 Batmobile (all time favorite Super Hero flick), a Micro Machice (cause they were pretty much awesome), and a ghost from the Real Ghostbusters!

Moving right along I've got a Super Powers Batman (cause he's Batman), a Dinosaurs Attack Card (we could handle the violence), my Batman watch from 1989 (that symbol was everywhere!), some Cap N Crunch cereal premiums, a super rad Super Powers ring, a pvc Alf, my R2D2 clock key chain that I had on my school bag in grade school, a Congo Taco Bell giveaway watch (there was a Taco Bell next door to the movie theatre), and my first pet Buddy's shell (he was a hermit crab)

Finally I have my high school class ring, my 1989 Toy Biz Superman (I loved that toy!), a photo of me and my bro decked out in Nasta Super Powers shades, a check list I made for the new Star Wars figures coming out in the 90s (I love that this somehow survived), a transforming box of chicken nuggets, 2 sticks of gum from about 25 years ago (sentimental value), and a foil card from a set of Spiderman cards I collected (I loved comic cards!). I probably could have jammed more stuff into this photo but I tried to stick to the stuff I remember the best and enjoyed the most! It's true, I'm a life long lover of pop culture with no signs of stopping!

Hope you enjoyed my photo and be sure to scope out Cool and Collected for the rest of this week's post. They are sure to be worth the look!

Friday, March 21, 2014

MOTU Minis!

It's official, I made my first ever purchase from Matty Collector. The little guys in the picture above are what finally broke my resolve! They represent the first toys I've purchased in a good six months that were made after the 80s! These toys are part of the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE MINIs line.

As a kid I always liked compact toys. This continued to adulthood and even evolved to me enjoying silly/stylized versions of my favorite characters. These 2 inch tall, top heavy toys cover all bases! A neat added bonus to the 20$ two packs is a build-a-piece for Castle Greyskull. I'm certain that when assembled, this set is gonna look sweet! I'm hoping to see another wave with perhaps a build-a-Snake Mountain? One can only dream of how awesome that display would be! 

As of this post Battle Armor He-Man and Mer-Man are sold out at Matty Collector but available at BigBadTyStore for $35 ($15 more than Matty). As for Battle Armor Skeletor and Moss Man (who's actually been flocked! How cool is that!?) they'll be available on Matty Collector on April 15. 

I'll be posting my progress as these awesome little dudes start arriving in the Nerd Nook. Stay tuned!