Saturday, January 19, 2013

Music Spotlight - To Kill a Mockingbird

As I sit here on a rather dull Saturday night, taking a break from cleaning my man cave, To Kill a Mockingbird theme playing in my surround sound I felt compelled to type out this blog.  Anyway I had the IPad on shuffle and was dusting (one of my absolute least favorite things to do with all the stuff I have!) and on came one of my all time favorite movie theme songs, the main score from To Kill a Mockingbird. Having seen the black and white movie a LONG time ago I always felt like this song captured those magical nights (summer mostly) of time spent with good friends and of course my big brother.  I can totally picture myself dirty and crusty from drying off after getting sweaty and dirty having played all day. The sun going down. Old folks from the neighborhood outside chatting with their neighbors. Me and my friends still hanging out together savoring every possible minute of time before our parents called us in for the night. It's just amazing how music can instantly bring us back.

I was already feeling extra nostalgic this weekend (if that's even possible). My wife and I are fostering a puppy who's owner gave him up to the local SPCA. He's only 5 weeks old and reminds me a lot of my dog that I lost last February after almost 15 years. Either way its been awesome and quite sad having him, all at the same time. Anyway when this song came on it seemed fitting and kind of ironic.

Miss you Harry!

 Tony (Mr. T. as I've been calling him) our foster pup. Most likely our soon to be adopted pup!

Ok enough nostalgia this place isn't gonna dust itself!

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