Saturday, December 1, 2012

I figured this would be a great figure to showcase for my first review. The DC Comics, New 52 Darkseid Deluxe Action Figure:

I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but this figure is massive. It is nearly 13 inches tall and weighs several pounds.  It is solid not hollow and in my opinion totally awesome.  I normally don't buy newer toys. I do enjoy watching reviews for the new stuff just to get a sense of what is out there but usually that is where I draw the line. Well with this guy I couldn't resist. I seriously had him pre ordered on Big Bad Toy Store and changed my mind at least 4 times. Anyway I was at my local shop that specializes in mostly toys and was just browsing when Darkseid caught my eye.  I was immediately impressed with the size of this figure and the detail.  I knew right then and there I wasn't leaving without him.

Now onto the figure himself.....

I think the coolest thing about this figure is the size which allows for an incredible amount of detail. His face and the rest of his exposed skin has a really great rocky appearance to it. His facial expression seems to be perfectly suited for any pose.

His teeth are super detailed as well as his red eyed stare which in my opinion is awesome. A nice throw back to the Super Powers Darkseid which featured the "Power Action Omega Beam Eyes".

Here they are together. As you can see the new Darkseid completely dwarfs his vintage counterpart!

Darkseid's body and armor are also amazingly detailed.  His armor has sort of a worn cracked appearance to it with some cool accents including the gold and red detailing as well as the stone in his chest.

The back of Darkseid is also accented with the gold trim. And equally detailed.

Another cool feature this figure has is articulated shoulder pads which allow for more movement and poses. Also in the photo above are Batman and one of his henchmen the Parademon, both from the same Justice League New 52 line.  You can get a sense of how much bigger he is then even other figures from the same line.

All in all this is. in my opinion, an incredible figure that was well worth the big ticket price tag.  Being an ocd collector that is used to collecting old, vintage stuff, it was tough for me to break this guy out of his package.  But now that he's free, I can really appreaciate him in all his glory!

Curious to hear what you all think of this figure...

"Judge me by my size do you!" in this case yes!


  1. Yeah. I really wanna get the whole line! But I knew I had to get that one.