Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nerd Nook Newbies (Week 3)

Welcome back for my third installment of Nerd Nook Newbies.  Now I know that my collection pales in comparison to many others as far as size goes. Even still I find myself needing to find interesting ways to utilize my space. I have already envisioned the evolution of my nook and have planned ahead for how I am going to organize my growing collection.  Anyway this first adaptation will house my loose vintage Star Wars collection I am working on as well as some other plans I have for the new year.

The Nerd Nook itself is somewhat of a newbie this week.  I purchased an Ikea glass case that I see so many other collectors using.  I'm planning to add a light source as well as purchase risers to increase the usable space without restricting the ability to see the figures inside.  I got the idea from this collection being featured over at Cool and Collected. 

The next Newbies this week represent the start of my loose, vintage Star Wars collection (I'd love to go for them all MOC but I would not only be broke but burried in figures).

IG88 and Boba Fett
Dengar and Imperial Commander
I'm pretty excited about these new guys. Love these vintage figures.
Next on Newbies is a new addition to my ever growing Super Powers collection. As I have said before Batman is my favorite Super Powers figure (Superman a close second).  So I have set out to collect as many of the card variations (foriegn included) that I can.  This week I was lucky enough to add this guy:

To most people this just looks like another Super Powers Batman BUT if you flip it over there is a sticker which shows it to be the UK palitoy cardback. I am definitely excited to have added this guy to my collection!
So that wraps up a pretty busy week for the Nerd Nook.  New layout and a new collection underway! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my new additions.
"The empire will compensate you if he dies....put em in!" .....couldn't resist what with adding Boba Fett n all.


  1. "He's all yours, Bounty Hunter..."

  2. There are so many great quotables from Cloud City

  3. I wanna start collecting Vintage Star Wars as well...they are hard to come by in Mexico though.

  4. Some ebay sellers ship internationally. Maybe try buying a good lot of them to save on shipping. They are pretty awesome figures though. Way cooler then any of the new stuff in my opinion!