Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Week's Top 5 - Games of 2012

Yup I know, normally I do a top ten. Well 2012 saw a pretty drastic decrease in my gaming all together.  I used to play almost everything big that was released, but lately I've become far more selective. More of my time has been spent on my collection, working on this blog, and getting my you tube channel going.  I actually enjoy this stuff much more and have devoted more time and effort to my recent endeavors.  That being said there were still 5 games I played this year that I really enjoyed. Here they are.....

Number 5 - Borderlands 2
I really enjoyed Borderlands. I love a good co op experience when I'm gaming.... Borderlands delivered that. The sequel added to an already excellent formula and didn't disappoint.  For the coop lol factor coupled with the lols provided by the trusty claptrap this one was worth the dough.
(My Neca Claptrop)
Number 4 - Angry Birds Star Wars
I mean this was a no-brainer.  Take Star Wars (one of the first loves in my life) add Angry Birds (first and only touch screen game I've been "addicted to") and you get pure awesomeness! Not to mention the appearance of some cool new collectible goodies likes these.....
Go here for more info on these guys!
Number 3 - Call of Duty Black Ops II
I used a COD zombies pic because that is one of the main reasons I get COD games.  I also really enjoy the over top campaigns.  I have had hours of lolzy times in Xbox parties playing zombie mode.

Number 2 - Assassin's Creed 3
I am a big fan of this franchise.  I have played all the games and was beginning to feel that things were getting a bit stale with Ezio.  The new setting and Assassin were a welcomed change. The Revolutionary War period is one that I find extremely interesting so this was easy to add to my top 5 list!
My Special Edition Connor Statue

Number 1 - Halo 4
This was easy to place atop my top 5 of 2012. Honestly this would be easy to place on my top 5 of all time (and for a guy who has played TONS of games....that is saying something).  The campaign is, in one word, EPIC.  I love the multiplayer.  Nicely balanced and I actually have a positive K/D for once!  If you like shooters and havn't played this DO IT!
My Blind bag Master Chief
For more on what I think of this awesome game go here.
So that'll do it for this week's top 5.  I'll be back to a full 10 next week. Happy New Year everyone!

"She said that to me once...about being a machine"- Master Chief

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