Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Toy Spotlight....Target Exclusive Winter Batman

As promised in my League of Extraordinary Bloggers Geekmas is your review of Target's Exclusive Winter Batman.
Ok so as the title says this Winter/Holiday themed Caped Crusader is available exclusively at Target stores.  He is a follow up to Target's "Halloween Batman".
Batman is on the 3 3/4 inch scale. His head can rotate 360 degrees, arms go up and down (no joint in the elbows) legs go up and down and bend at the knee. As far as detail goes he's really just white with I guess what is supposed to be grey camo. Must have some rough winters up in Gotham. Hope the Batmobile is front wheel drive. Anyway the only real redeeming quality this figure has, in my opinion, is originality.  It's pretty odd and unique to have a white Batman figure.
As I mentioned there was a Target Exclusive Halloween Batman which as far as I'm concerned was way cooler. 
I dig the fact that the bubble looks like a pumpkin and Batman has kind of a scary look going on.

So that's it for this review. Not super exciting but definitely unique.
"Who are you!?!?!?"

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