Friday, December 7, 2012

Movie Minute....What's Your Take on This?

I got curious after my last post about the teaser pic released for "Star Trek Into Darkness". So to assuage my curiosity I went digging on the interwebs for any additional info I could find. While digging I came across this newly released movie poster. It looks like the classic scene from "Wrath of Kahn" might not be all they are jocking from previously released movies. Here's a quick comparison of the "Dark Knight" movie poster and the newly released "Into Darkness" movie poster. There are certainly some distinct similarities in my opinion. I'll let you be the judge....


  1. I actually like those "kinds" of teaser poster/pics where they depict a post-event type atmosphere. Similar to the way they kind of did this style of poster for the last Terminator movie, though it was was a bust!

    1. That is a pretty bad ass poster. Sadly the movie left a bit to be desired.