Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nerd Nook Newbies

I'll begin my first Nerd Nook Newbies post with a brief explanation of what the Nerd Nook is. I am lucky to have a wonderful wife who supports my nerdy habbit and even praises some of my stuff....sometimes. Anyway when we bought our house a year and a half ago she agreed to give me the basement.  My Man Cave was official, or as I like to call it "My Fortress of Solitude".  The back portion of my cave narrows and incidentally houses the bulk of my collection so I have dubbed it my "Nerd Nook". 

Nerd Nook Newbies will be a weekly post to the blog that will feature my most recent acquisitions.  So without futher adieu here we have Nerd Nook Newbes Week 1!

As I have said in this blog and countless other times, my passion for collecting is rooted firmly in nostalgia. And for this first official Nerd Nook Newbie, its doesn't get much more nostalgic then these.......

Super Powers Batman sunglasses by NASTA.  Yes, that picture is me and my big bro. My big bro is sporting these very glasses circa 1986. I'm hoping to add the Superman pair I'm rocking in the pic to complete the set.

Next up on Nerd Nook Newbies is a loose set of the original four Real Ghostbusters.  I am hoping to eventually have these 4 guys mint on card as they are some of my all time favorite toys. So to tide me over I snagged these guys.

For my final Newbie I have for my fellow Super Powers fans a look at a Super Amigos Riddler. These guys were released exclusively in Argentina making them rare and quite sought after. 

So there you have it. The first official Nerd Nook Newbie post.  I would enjoy hearing your opinion of these newbies and I hope you've enjoyed checking out some of my new stuff. I know I love seeing other people's collections, so I hope you'll enjoy Nerd Nook Newbies.

"I see without seeing. To me darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I?" - Riddler


  1. Welcome to The League! I LOVE the title & design of your blog. It's perfect. I subscribed and I'm looking forward to all of your painfully nostalgic Mine are over at :)

  2. "...painfully nostalgic ramblings", I meant to say.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words! My ramblings will often!

  4. HAHAH I need to see the Ghostbusters firehouse!

    1. Ha, I never did have the firehouse. Awesome play set tho!

  5. Super Amigos Green Lant...I mean Riddler - nice!

  6. Thanks! He's a green lantern in disguise!

  7. I like the Nerd Nook Noobies, especially that loose set of Real Ghostbusters! I had some as a kid, but they've ended up who knows where.

    And lastly,"Please! You're as blind as a bat!" "Exactly!"