Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Movie Photo/teaser.......Star Trek Into Darkness

More ramblings from my morning coffee routine. I was surfing my usual spots when I came across this photo released over seas from the upcoming movie "Star Trek, Into Darkness". Now I don't claim to be a "Trekkie" on any level but can appreciate Star Trek. I honestly loved the movie that came out a few years back. It was fast, fun, and super entertaining (that's what she said). I am also quite fond of the 80's "Wrath Of Khan". So as you can imagine when I saw this pic I was immediately curious. It seems to be the new version of the (SPOILER ALERT) dramatic scene when Spock sacrifices himself while his "friend"(Kirk) looks on helplessly. Or it could just be an awesome marketing ploy.

Either way it's safe to say I'm pretty stoked for this movie's release!

"I have, and always will be, your friend" - Spock


  1. Certainly looks like a dead ringer for that classic scene. Very interesting...

  2. Got some good flicks coming out this summer. Def looking forward to this.