Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Toy Spotlight - Play Arts Kai

Today a friend and I hit up the local collectible shop. I really like this particular shop because it specializes in toys. Now I focus 95% of my collecting energy....and money, toward vintage items. I do, however, like to check out what he has and occasionally score a vintage item when they pop up. He has some really awesome stuff, but I have convinced myself to keep my focus and steer clear of impulsive far so good....

....but like I said I do score the occasional vintage toy at his shop....
Picked this guy up a few months back at that store for what I would consider a steal! He rarely has vintage stuff and just seems to want to get rid of it. I am happy to help  =)

Anyway back to the purpose for this blog. So my friend and I were browsing and we spotted some cool figures. This friend is a huge Arkham City/Asylum fan and he worked out a sweet deal for these guys....
Play Arts Kai Joker and Armored Batman

Not knowing much about this line, I am going to do my best to describe them. They are imported from Japan, and highly pose-able/articulated (box claims 46 points of articulation for Bats!)
Nice looking packaging for collectors who stay MIB...
 Looks like you can do some really cool poses with the Joker!

Great sculpted detail....

Definitely digging the Batman head sculpt!

I gotta say I really do like these figures. If I wasn't restricting myself to vintage items I'd more then likely have these guys in my very own man cave (Nerd Nook!).

It really is tough to resist all these awesome figures. But luckily with the Star Wars Black Series announced I can keep telling myself I'll need the room (and the money) if I decide to pick some of those up (which I most likely will!)......
"I'll never let you win......never" - Batman (Arkham Asylum) 


  1. Really awesome pair of figures. I can hear Mark Hamill's maniacal Joker in my head every time I look at them.

  2. "Thank you for showing me them!"

    Great games! I was looking at the Armored Batman in Forbidden Planet this week, it looks so good; just a little too pricey for me right now. The Joker looks really good here as well. Nice finds!