Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Castle Winter Antique Show

I was once again itching to go to another show. With the April Fools Toy Show still about 7 weeks away I figured I'd give this antique show a visit. The flyer did advertise "toys"!
There were some old toys like the ones seen here.
I totally had that Motorcity playset!
There were loads of old items. Kinda wish I picked up that Batman glass.
There was no shortage of old toy cars, Hess Trucks, you name it. The truck above was way cool. It had some old Batman stickers stuck to the back of it. Some kid must have had tons of fun playing with that thing!
 There were some odds and ends toys.
I used to love Micro Machines!

This poster of the Apollo 11 astronauts certainly caught my eye!

Some random assortments

For the most part the items there were not really up my pop culture alley. Lots of knick knacks and stuff like that. There were a few booths that had some cool old money as well as items relating to World War 2 and past presidential elections which was cool to look at. My friend and I spent a few minutes listening to an old timer's story about how he came to own many of the items at his booth. That was pretty neat. I found myself wondering if that would be me 30 years from now. One can only hope!

As for my haul I didn't buy much. Spent 13 bucks on a few items that brought back some fond memories....
Had this toy as a kid. I really love the 1989 Batmobile

Another purchase driven by nostalgia. A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy (also had this guy)

The Alf just caught my eye and I love E.T. so there's those. Love the Speak and Spell on the figure!

So that's it for my journey to Delaware. My friend and I had a good time talking old stuff on the ride there and back. We certainly saw some neat old stuff and met some neat old folks to go along with it.


  1. That's really awesome, Rich. I love going to shows like this. I just wish we had more down here in the South. I also had that Ertl Batmobile. I picked up Mattel's version of the New 52 Batman the other day (the Batman Unlimited "shiny" version) and I counted in my man cave that I have 37 different Batman figures either hanging on the walls or displayed. I thought I'd share that with you :)

    1. Check out the website "convention scene". They have loads of conventions on there. That's how I've been finding these smaller conventions while I eagerly await the big Cons this spring and summer. Your Batman stuff sounds awesome btw!

  2. I'm glad you left those glasses behind because I ended up buying those same ones this past weekend at the DC Big Flea! I recognize the booth as one being run by Mitch McCaffrey -- I saw that Batman cereal box and Mr. Peanut bank alongside the glasses in his booth on Saturday. he made me a great deal on the Batman and Robin glasses. ;)

    1. Awesome. I totally meant to circle back for him and forgot! When I go to those shows I like to take a lap before I shell out any dough. Glad you wound up with them. Will it be gracing your Batman shelf soon?