Sunday, October 27, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Halloween!

This week's assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is simply "Halloween". The League is tasked with photographing how their home town celebrates Halloween. Unfortunately I've been incredibly busy every weekend! I haven't really had the opportunity to enjoy low key fall days out and about which makes me sad as I love fall! Anyway, I didn't want to miss out on yet another League assignment so I figured a fun alternative would be to share some old photos of me on Halloweens long past.....

So this is my first Halloween ever and mom saw fit to dress her two sons up in super masculine costumes. The eldest a bumble bee and me a daisy.....thanks Mom! It did set up this photo 31 years later where my niece (big brother's daughter) continued the tradition of bumble bee costumes. She, however, is as cute as can bee!....see what I did there?

Ok, so Mom redeemed herself big time in 1985 with these home made Batman and Superman costumes! I was a Superman fan for as long as I can remember. Super Powers figures were huge and my brother and I had to be our favorite heroes!

A pair of clowns! I guess Mom figured we were a pair of goofballs to begin with...why not dress them up accordingly ;)

My brother and I were on a serious Voltron kick! I'm in blue. I love some of the other store bought costumes my friends have on. The Rambo on the left is pretty epic. Sucks it got cut off!

Late 80s/ early 90s
I can't be sure what year this was to be honest. My best guess would be 89 or 90. My brother has made the obvious transition into a black suited Batman with 1989's Batman having been released. I am a pirate with a pretty sweet stache!

Early 90s
I gotta say this costume was pretty bad ass! I am Frankenstein and my brother was Dracula. I couldn't find a photo of the two us. This will have to do. Grand-mom doesn't seem too thrilled about all of this!

So that's it for me. I couldn't find anymore photos though I'm sure there are loads more buried in the shed.  Be sure to scope out these other posts from around the League!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 6 - Casper

Here's a fun little Halloween themed movie. Bill Pullman and Christina Rici star in this one. Being a kid born in the early 80s I still had a good chunk of childhood in 90s. I remember seeing this one and enjoying it. The bad guy ghosts were fun villains and the haunted house was very cool! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 5 - Madballs!

These things were pretty darn awesome! I vividly remember my brother and I getting these while on a family vacation at the beach. I got the green one (bottom right of the above photo) and my brother got a mummy. I always wanted the football madball but never did get him.

They even went as far as to sell bodies for these creepy and grotesque classic vintage toys! Sadly mine is gone. I wish I could say it was lost in a move or something like that. But the truth is it got away from while swimming in the ocean and floated off never to be seen again.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 4 - Imperial's Monster Toys!

Here's some classic 80's monster toys! Pretty neat little monster characters. I had the above Frankenstein. My uncle took me to a cool local when I was a kid. A place where there were lots of neat and unique shops. I spotted this for sale and he bought it for me. For years and years I displayed it during Halloween time. Sadly it was misplaced when my family moved while I was off living at college. The physical item is gone but the memory lives! I may need to hit up eBay and grab this guy!

Here's a few more photos of some of the other creepy characters....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 3 - Monster Face!

So who remembers this things?! This was the gross and gory take on the classic Mr. Potato Head. It came with all sorts of gross and creepy accessories you could use to create a grotesque Monster Face. Slime would certainly up the finished result. 80s and 90s were a good time for slime....weren't they?

I'm bet this commercial jogs some quick memories....for me it's Saturday morning cartoons on the carpet with my big bro....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 2 - Beetlejuice Cartoon

Here's an absolute classic! This cartoon was so awesome! Great memories of Saturdays spent in front of the tv with my big bro before heading out for the day. "Skeletons in Your Closet" was my all time favorite episode. 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 1 - Boogedy Man!

In the spirit of the Halloween Season I've decidedt to a daily "Creepy Countdown" photo spotlight. Included will be photos relating to some of my most fond Halloween memories! 

First up is "Mr. Boogedy". Released by Disney in the mid 80s, this tale of a family moving into a haunted New England home stands out in my mind as a fun Halloween memory. Anyone else remember this guy? 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Whaddaya Want?!

The collecting community on the interwebs is an awesome bunch of people. I've connected with great folks through forums, Facebook, youtube, Instagram, and of course the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! The level of passion and love we've got for all facets of pop culture is inspiring to say the least. We'll search high and low to find that perfect item to complete a collection or a display. This week's assignment is all about he hunt. "When we're out at yard sales, flea markets, conventions, and more.....what are you hunting for?"

First and for most I gotta say a jolt of nostalgia. Every time I attend a show or convention I always come across something I had and loved as a kid. It could be something big like Skeletor's Snake Mountain or something small, buried in a junk box, like a Kermit the Frog Happy Meal toy. Just being amongst all this awesome is good for my overly nostalgic brain ;)

Now that the good vibes have been satisfied I get to the actual digging. I love to collect all sorts of pop culture stuff. I have loose figures, loads of LEGO Mini figs, and all sorts of other stuff. With that said, my serious collection, that I spend the most time working on, is my Super Powers Collection. I always make a quick run around to see what Super Powers stuff I can find. I waiting for that day when I come across a real gem. One can hope!

Once I've scoped the scene for Super Powers, it's on to Masters of the Universe and Thundercats. I've got small loose collections of these that I'm working on. If I can find complete figures for cheap I'm all over it! At Retrocon a few weeks back I scored that complete Skeletor in the photo.

Finally, I go after the random. Whatever coolness catches my eye. For example, the bottom left photo is my haul from Retrocon. I scored a Super Powers Lex Luthor on a card back I didn't have yet. The Skeletor I mentioned, then the random. I picked up two cool posters from a guy who created. One Big Lebowski (love that movie) the other of everyone's favorite Droids! Finally I picked up a pair of piraƱa plants, custom made! Too cool to pass up.

So there you have it. My hunting goals and motivation...if you could call them that! Next weekend is a huge one! I can't wait for it! Friday I have New York Comic Con. Saturday a local shop is having a pre Christmas blow out sale to make room for new stuff. Sunday is a toy show. Monday is Columbus Day to kick back and recharge after an awesome, nerd filled weekend! 

Stay tuned for reports and hauls from that weekend. League updates to come!