Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 4 - Imperial's Monster Toys!

Here's some classic 80's monster toys! Pretty neat little monster characters. I had the above Frankenstein. My uncle took me to a cool local when I was a kid. A place where there were lots of neat and unique shops. I spotted this for sale and he bought it for me. For years and years I displayed it during Halloween time. Sadly it was misplaced when my family moved while I was off living at college. The physical item is gone but the memory lives! I may need to hit up eBay and grab this guy!

Here's a few more photos of some of the other creepy characters....


  1. A guy at the Universal Monster army boards sent me the Dracula. He is proudly displayed in the cafe.

  2. Nice! I'm heading to ebay! I need my frankenstein back!