Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creepy Countdown Day 1 - Boogedy Man!

In the spirit of the Halloween Season I've decidedt to a daily "Creepy Countdown" photo spotlight. Included will be photos relating to some of my most fond Halloween memories! 

First up is "Mr. Boogedy". Released by Disney in the mid 80s, this tale of a family moving into a haunted New England home stands out in my mind as a fun Halloween memory. Anyone else remember this guy? 



  1. I saw this for the first [and maybe only] time while vacationing in Disney-World with my family circa 1989. There are only the vaguest of memories left, but I do remember something about an evil portal in the kitchen? And the whole "Boogedy Boo" thing. I would love to find a copy on VHS someday.

    1. I too would love to watch this one again ;)