Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Spotlight - Granamyr Custom

So Masters of the Universe Classics are pretty much awesome. I have resisted the temptation thus far to collect these regardless of how amazing they are. Before the holidays MattyCollector released their Granamyr figure. Fans had the chance to vote for the color of the highly anticipated dragon. Granamyr appeared both as the red pictured above and a bright green. The reddish/burgundy color won and ultimately was the color produced and sold (I wouldn't be surprised if they wound up selling a green too). Anyway I was browsing eBay, as I often do, and came across this totally awesome custom.....
After seeing this incredible custom I must say the fans dropped the ball on this one. The green Granamyr looks WAAAAAAY cooler.....thoughts??????


  1. I agree the green is very cool. I have about a quarter of the line, but I've had to slow down since Mattel's Unlimited stuff is hitting retail. I had decided when you got your DC Collectibles set that I wasn't going to go after the New 52, but I am and they look bad ass. I'm also reading a ton of the new Bat books and they are all really good. I'm enjoying being a Batman geek right now.

    1. I agree there is too much awesome stuff out right now!