Monday, March 17, 2014

LOEB - Regrets
As the banner indicates, this week we're answering a question each collector will inevitable ask themselves....

"Why did I buy that?"

Now when I first started my collection I was a bit all over the place. I was picking up new stuff, old stuff, LEGOS, random blind bags, posters, you name it. I have since purged my collection of all the stuff that didn't fit my collecting focus. I ended up selling most of it for a loss, that question ever present in my mind "why did you buy all this junk!". Since the great purge I have managed to maintain my discipline and have been pretty happy with my collecting progress ever since.I've even resisted the Black Series!

With all that said, when I first saw this assignment I wondered what I'd write about. I thought to myself this would have been perfect about a year ago when I cleared out all the excess clutter. I did some brainstorming and realized there is one collection I'm in the process of building, that I absolutely love, but still find myself saying "why did I ever buy that!?"....and that collection is....

My 1978 Vintage Star Wars 12 back action figures. Yeah, these are arguably the most iconic collection of toys to ever grace the pegs of toy stores. Now astute eyes will immediately see that I've only got 8 of the first 12. I am still missing Princess Leia, Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper, and Obi Wan. It has been quite an adventure piecing together this collection so far. It's been a work in progress for what feels like forever. Every now and again when I consider how close and yet so far away I am from completing this monster of a collection I do sometimes ask myself "why did I ever start this crazy undertaking!"

I'm sure when it's all said and done I'll be thrilled to have this set collecting dust on my shelves. Honestly, if I never get another single one I'd love these 8 just the same! 

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Thanks for this neat topic idea Cody, looking forward to hearing everyone's take on this one!

"Judge me by my size do you!?!?"


  1. I can imagine that they cost a mint as well. I would definitely regret buying those.

  2. If you ever get so frustrated with this endeavor, I would be happy to take these figures off your hands. ;)

  3. This is pretty nice regret. Put on the list behind Brian if you ever want to unload them.

  4. At least they are worth something. Most regrets are duds when you try to resell.

    1. Yeah, I definitely don't regret owning them. The regret would be in even starting in the first place! ;)

  5. Definitely not a bad "regret" to have. It's not one of those collections you can go out and fill over a couple of weekends though!

  6. Yeah it's definitely a process! Some day I'll get em... I hope... ;)