Monday, July 15, 2013

League of Extraordinay Bloggers - Robots!

Gotta love those one word League Assignments! This week it's: "Robots"

I decided a fun way to approach this wide opened topic would be a top 10. So here goes....

The Nerd Nook's Top Ten Favorite Pop Culture Robots

#10: Atlas and Peabody (Aperature Science Robot Test Subjects)
I'm a pretty big fan of Portal and really enjoyed the addition of 2 player online coop. It added a very cool spin to an already awesome game. Playing as these quirky robots, the team must utilize 4 portals now (instead of the usual 2) to solve a wide array of test chambers.

I can't talk about Portal robots without mentioning the maniacal villian robot from both Portal games. GLaDOS' sole function is to create test chambers to be used for just that, testing. All the way through she is responsible for some of the funniest quotes from any game I've ever played or heard of for that matter. Her crowning achievement at the end of Portal is her singing of "Still Alive". 
#8 Rosie
Being an 80s kid, I caught the tail end of some great old school shows still being shown in reruns. I'm talking classics like Mr. Ed, Denice The Menace, The Lone Ranger, The Flintstones, and of course The Jetsons. I couldn't leave off Rosie. Who wouldn't love to own a robot with her capabilities!

#7 Wall - E
Being from Philly, I love a good under dog story. This movie was clever and enjoyable. I really liked watching this silly little robot go on an intergalactic adventure. My affinity for this guy my have something to do with his striking resemblance to the next robot on this list.....

#6 Johnny Five
 What's not to like about Johnny Five? He got a great sense of humor, can dance, cook, sing, and loves the BeeGees! As a kid my brother and I loved Short Circuit. It was a fun movie that captures that carefree 80s feel. I might have to dig this out soon and watch it. I can feel a jolt of nostalgia comin on!
"Johnny Five is alive!"

#5 Optimus Prime
 As a boy growing up in the 80s is was nearly impossible not to think Optimus Prime was awesome. I had the original G1 Optimus and was a huge fan. He had that awesomely commanding voice and transformed in a truck. What else could you ask for? I was about 4 years old when the movie came out, and I can still remember watching his vivid red fade to grey and doing everything I could to hold back the tears! 30ish years later Optimus is still one bad ass robot!
"One shall stand, one shall fall!"

#4 Cylons
 The new Battlestar Gallactica was a pretty epic show. A friend of mine turned me onto it last summer and I literally binge watched my through the entire series in about a week. Cylons were a very interesting and dynamic enemy. It was bad enough worrying about the ones you could see and identify. On top of that they knew they were also hiding among them. Made for a very great TV show.

#3 C3 P0
 I suspect the next two robots will find their way into several other League posts this week. The Rebels wouldn't have had a chance without this guy!
"hurry up goldenrod! You're gonna be a permanent resident!"

#2 R2 D2
 This silly little droid is probably the first robot that popped in my head when I read this week's assignment. The droid that started it all! R2 saved the day more then a few times and was a pivotal character in the Star Wars trilogy.


#1 T-800
A friend of mine and I were just discussing T2 the other day over breakfast and how it's still relevant. What an awesome movie. The T-800 good or bad was one bad ass robot!
"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle!"

So there you have, the Nerd Nook's Top 10 robots. Check back for more posts from around the league. Until then check out Cool and Collected!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Hake's Shopping Spree Part 2!

This League assignment is a bit of tease....again. We must head over the Hake's Americana and Collectibles and go on a made up shopping spree. Hake's has got loads of retro, classic, antique, vintage, amazing pop culture goodness to choose from! Anyway here's what I picked.....

I have recently started a vintage Star Wars Collection. When I saw these gems I simply couldn't pass them up. The first item at the top of the photo is the Early Bird Special Certificate pack. This was used so kids could basically call dibs on some of the first Star Wars figures to be released by Kenner. A piece of Star Wars history that would be amazing in any vintage collection!

 Above is what kids recieved from Kenner. The actual Early Bit Kit. A cool thing about this is that Luke came with the ever rare and popular double telescoping light saber. This was quickly replaced due to it breaking easily.

The bottom two Star Wars photos show two of the most valuable and sought after figures in vintage Star Wars collecting. Both are 12 back figures of Han Solo and Farm Boy Luke Skywalker. These were released in 1978. 12 back basically means these are the first figures sold in the vintage line. Amazing pieces of Kenner and Star Wars history.

Being a huge Seinfeld fan, I couldn't pass up this iconic Superman Statue by Randy Bowen. This statue was a fixture in Jerry's apartment for much of the show and one I'd absolutely love to have in the man cave.

To the right is a vintage mint in the box Mego Batman. A great piece of Batman history! Would love it on my shelves!

The final item I'd choose is this awesome artwork. It is the old school Batman emblem and is pretty darn awesome!

I could have gone on all night adding brilliant pieces of pop culture history but I think that'll be where I draw the line.

Be sure to check out some of these other League Sprees........

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer of Rich - Days 9-14

So I've decided to simplify my "Summer of Rich" blogging to focus mainly on photos with short descriptions. My goal to keep busy has been working out well and I haven't had much time to blog. I think the photo blogs will be just as fun!

So last Thursday was of course July 4. The night before, I caught the end of "Lake Placid" (a movie I always end up watching some of whenever it's on) and "Teen Wolf" on Netflix.
Classic 80s meets over the top 90s thriller. Can't beat it with a stick!

July 4th I headed out to a friends for typical 4th festivities. Beer, beef, bands (marching bands that is). With all the beer flowing the camera didn't make it into the equation =)
 But I did get this pic of their mascot. This creepy dude makes an appearance each year!

I spent Friday - Sunday at the Delaware beach with my wife and in laws. We had a great time. Beer, beaches, and all you can eat crabs were the theme of the weekend!
My dog Cookie ready to soak up some sun...

Hittin the beach!

The beach just reminds me of being a kid! I woulda been all up in that little pool there diggin for crabs or building a mud castle!

Can't forget to mention the all you can eat crabs...i musta ate 20!

Today I took a ten mile bike ride first thing in the morning. It was awesome. Nice and cool. I really enjoyed it. Getting your exercise out of the way first thing in the morning seems to make way for a much more productive day....and some cool photos......
Next I had lunch and ran a bunch of errands with my mom which was actually really fun. We hadn't hung out like that in a while and it was really nice. She even popped into a comic store with me. Must have been 15+ years since we'd last set foot in a comic store together. I uttered the phrase "remembers these" several times...and each time her answer was "yes". Good times, good memories. The Summer of Rich is off to great start!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Summer of Rich, Day 9 - World War Z

As I type this blog I'm feeling pretty good about my day. I started if off with a trip to the gym. Got in a quick chest workout. Followed that up with a decent bike ride.....
Snapped this quick shot of Pennsylvania Hospital (oldest in the country me thinks)

....saw "World War Z", and hit up my local toy shop.
This Zod figure was pretty cool.

I liked "World War Z". It was a thriller but also had a pretty interesting story. I was surprised by the fact that they left out the gore considering it was a zombie movie. With that said, I really didn't miss it. Matter of fact I think I liked it better without. It seems like everything is overly graphic anymore. The sex, the gore, it's like they're running out of ways to shock us. After my 80s movie marathon yesterday, I'm all for a bit more simplicity. Anyway check out WWZ, it was definitely worth the price of admission. 

As for this evening Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has a new zombie map out. I know what I'll be doing! The best part is, after all the exercise I got in today, I don't have to feel guilty about being lazy tonight =)

No idea what's in store for tomorrow, and that's just how I like it!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer of Rich Day 8 - A Rainy Day

Today was what you would call a rainy day. It started out grey and rainy and stayed that wall until about 5:30. I figured it was the perfect day to be lazy and catch up on some good 80s movies. As I said, nostalgia runs high in the summer months and I wanted to get into that 80s state of mind ;

I had quite the lineup. I started with "Lucas".

This one was a great way to get that 80s vibe going. Great music! They really don't make movies like this anymore. To me that's unfortunate but honestly aside from us old folks I don't know if kids these days would be into it. The simplicity of these sorts of movies just wouldn't work anymore in the age of iPhones and social media. Either way this old timer chose a good one to kick start my 80s marathon.

Next up was "Summer Rental"

Last week's League assignment has had me wanting to watch this again ever since. It's always amazing to me how a movie or a song can stir up old and somewhat forgotten memories. This movie was played constantly the summer of '94 on one of the movie channels. Seeing the movie and hearing the music literally transported me right back to that summer. 

"You got my table, you're not getting my lobsters!"

For the final movie in my lineup I watched "Pretty in Pink".

I've got to admit, this was the first time I'd seen this movie. John Highs really captured that high school kid feeling. Dating, teenage drama...he nailed it! Glad I watched this one. Definitely enjoyed it. I recently met Andrew McCarthy which motivated me to watch this flick. 

After my movie marathon I got in a quick bike ride in between rain storms. I'm hoping tomorrow the weather cooperates. I've got a good route planned!

So that's it for day 8. 80s movie nostalgia and a bike ride. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in a better bike ride and hit up a local comic store.This store sells vintage toys. Hopefully I can score something good =)

Carpe dentum......seize the teeth!"