Monday, July 15, 2013

League of Extraordinay Bloggers - Robots!

Gotta love those one word League Assignments! This week it's: "Robots"

I decided a fun way to approach this wide opened topic would be a top 10. So here goes....

The Nerd Nook's Top Ten Favorite Pop Culture Robots

#10: Atlas and Peabody (Aperature Science Robot Test Subjects)
I'm a pretty big fan of Portal and really enjoyed the addition of 2 player online coop. It added a very cool spin to an already awesome game. Playing as these quirky robots, the team must utilize 4 portals now (instead of the usual 2) to solve a wide array of test chambers.

I can't talk about Portal robots without mentioning the maniacal villian robot from both Portal games. GLaDOS' sole function is to create test chambers to be used for just that, testing. All the way through she is responsible for some of the funniest quotes from any game I've ever played or heard of for that matter. Her crowning achievement at the end of Portal is her singing of "Still Alive". 
#8 Rosie
Being an 80s kid, I caught the tail end of some great old school shows still being shown in reruns. I'm talking classics like Mr. Ed, Denice The Menace, The Lone Ranger, The Flintstones, and of course The Jetsons. I couldn't leave off Rosie. Who wouldn't love to own a robot with her capabilities!

#7 Wall - E
Being from Philly, I love a good under dog story. This movie was clever and enjoyable. I really liked watching this silly little robot go on an intergalactic adventure. My affinity for this guy my have something to do with his striking resemblance to the next robot on this list.....

#6 Johnny Five
 What's not to like about Johnny Five? He got a great sense of humor, can dance, cook, sing, and loves the BeeGees! As a kid my brother and I loved Short Circuit. It was a fun movie that captures that carefree 80s feel. I might have to dig this out soon and watch it. I can feel a jolt of nostalgia comin on!
"Johnny Five is alive!"

#5 Optimus Prime
 As a boy growing up in the 80s is was nearly impossible not to think Optimus Prime was awesome. I had the original G1 Optimus and was a huge fan. He had that awesomely commanding voice and transformed in a truck. What else could you ask for? I was about 4 years old when the movie came out, and I can still remember watching his vivid red fade to grey and doing everything I could to hold back the tears! 30ish years later Optimus is still one bad ass robot!
"One shall stand, one shall fall!"

#4 Cylons
 The new Battlestar Gallactica was a pretty epic show. A friend of mine turned me onto it last summer and I literally binge watched my through the entire series in about a week. Cylons were a very interesting and dynamic enemy. It was bad enough worrying about the ones you could see and identify. On top of that they knew they were also hiding among them. Made for a very great TV show.

#3 C3 P0
 I suspect the next two robots will find their way into several other League posts this week. The Rebels wouldn't have had a chance without this guy!
"hurry up goldenrod! You're gonna be a permanent resident!"

#2 R2 D2
 This silly little droid is probably the first robot that popped in my head when I read this week's assignment. The droid that started it all! R2 saved the day more then a few times and was a pivotal character in the Star Wars trilogy.


#1 T-800
A friend of mine and I were just discussing T2 the other day over breakfast and how it's still relevant. What an awesome movie. The T-800 good or bad was one bad ass robot!
"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle!"

So there you have, the Nerd Nook's Top 10 robots. Check back for more posts from around the league. Until then check out Cool and Collected!


  1. Number Johnny Five..!

    I actually prefer Part II to the original Short Circuit, but that's mostly to do with Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" blasting while Johnny 5 chases after Oscar on a boat.

    Also, his near "death" might beat out Optimus Prime's actual demise for bringing a younger Trash Man to tears quicker.