Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 8 - John Candy, Pizza, Soccer and Toys

While typing out the title of this entry I realized it sounds like I was pretty busy. Truth be told I spent quite a bit of time bumming around (this is inevitable when you have 72 days off). Anyway I started the day with a quick bike ride to the gym (trying to get in exercise early before summer laziness sets in. After the gym (I was back by 9am) I settled in for a bit to watch another summer staple....

Days 6 & 7 - Toy Shows and Outside Cookin'

The summer of Rich is moving along and I finally did something cool. This past Saturday (6/28) a friend and I made the drive out to a pretty cool toy show.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Days 4 & 5 - Painting, Soccer, Beer and Toys

The Summer of Rich is off to a rather uneventful start. I more or less spentthe entire first week playing catch up with loads of stuff I put off until summer. I also made good on a few promises I made to mom for stuff she needed done around her house.

In spite of my overall boring and uneventful week I'm going to make a quick post to keep consistent!

So yesterday I spent a few hours painting a giant fence around my mom's house. It was kind of ironic having just watched "Karate Kid" the night before. It was like my mom was Miyagi saying "paint the fence!". 

I really should have worn a cool bandana!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

LOEB - Hake's Auction!
It's League time again and this week we're going on yet another imaginary shopping spree! This time we'll be selecting items currently for auction at Hake's Americana & Collectibles. With their record of having absolutely amazing items for auction I have no doubt I'll find loads of goodies to fill my "shopping cart"! Let's dive right in!

Day 3 - Diner Breakfast, Toy Store, Bike Ride and Karate Kid

Today was fairly uneventful. I started out meeting up with a friend and having breakfast out (I love breakfast out). After that I came back to the cave to finish cleaning up from yesterday's shelving project. I happy to report to cave is back in action and better than ever!

Summer of Rich - Days 1 and 2

It's SUMMER! Yes, even as an adult, I am lucky enough to enjoy this time off. I use it to recharge the batteries, relax, collect toys, go to collectible shows, and (honestly) reconnect to the kid at heart I'll always be. Being off in the summer gives me a chance to be carefree....a feeling not often felt by grown ups! I got the idea from Tim over at Flashlights Are Something to Eat to blog about my summer as a way of really soaking it in and making sure I don't spend too many days doing nothing. Anyway here goes......

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LOEB - Pop Culture Road Trip!
This assignment seemed to be focused on one spot rather than a continuous road trip. Sure there are loads of places I could have sat around and thought about visiting but I decided to go with what popped in my head first....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LOEB - Shelf Expression
This week's assignment from the League - "Shelf Expression". I love a good picture assignment so lets get to it!