Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LOEB - Pop Culture Road Trip!

This assignment seemed to be focused on one spot rather than a continuous road trip. Sure there are loads of places I could have sat around and thought about visiting but I decided to go with what popped in my head first....

I would love to take a road trip and spend a month in the house Jack Chester (John Candy) and his family lived in during their summer vacation in Florida.

Press Play!

Basically for me that theme song I linked could be the anthem to any care free summer trip! For me it sums up great memories from my childhood of time spent at the Jersey shore. Days on the breach body surfing the waves and nights spent with hot, sun crisped skin pressed against cheesy boardwalk rides.....
....dinners out with my family at equally cheesy seafood places with fishnets, harpoons, and stuffed sharks hanging on the wall....
....hot crowded beaches.....

....checkin out all the hot girls on the boardwalk (my teen years)

And most of all, just having the kind of carefree fun only a kid could enjoy!
I always loved this tune from the movie's montage where they're fixing up the boat for the big race!

So that's where I'd love to go..... but I'd need to make this road trip in a souped up DeLorean with a flux capacitor :)

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  1. This sounds like an excellent trip! Can I come too?

  2. I love that theme song! There's definitely a video game soundtrack vibe to it. The beach sounds so nice, it's been raining here in my neck of the woods and it's actually kinda cold.

    Also, it looks like I'm not the only one that wants to drive the DeLorean time machine on this road trip. Great minds think alike I tells ya. :)