Thursday, June 6, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Bring it Back!

For this week's assignment the League will....

"Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today."

Honestly there are loads of shows I could think of that I would love to see come back. I settled on two that I really did enjoy and that never really had the proper ending.
Up first.......DEADWOOD
This really was a great show. I remember becoming engrossed in the story. The first season with Wild Bill and "The Gem Saloon" in full swing was truly awesome. Toward the end of this show's run it got a bit lost and then sort of just ended. I think if it were to return, I'd like to see it brought to a worthy conclusion!

 **Press Play**

I might get some slack for this next pick...Men of a Certain Age
 I actually really liked this show. It was an enjoyable show with some good actors playing characters that I thought suited them very well. I dug the nostalgia angle and enjoyed the intro song "When I Grow Up to Be a Man". This is another show that was cancelled and never brought to a conclusion. Once again if this were to return I'd be happy with one final season with a proper conclusion.

I know...not the most exciting pick but hey, it's my blog and I'll be lame if I want to ;)

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  1. They did bring Deadwood back--it's called "Justified." I kid. Actually, I would love to see more Deadwood shows, or any quality Western series for that matter.

    1. Totally agree. I'd also love to play a sequel to "Red Dead Redemption!"