Wednesday, June 26, 2013

King King's World Tour!

Kong's World Tour has been underway for some time now. He arrived in Philly ready to see the sites.....but first things first......a Philly cheesesteak! This was priority #1

Pat's or Geno's???
 Kong couldn't decide so he went ahead and had both......

 Next up....a bit of local histroy......

He insisted on visiting the "Rocky Steps" so we headed over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.....
I couldn't get him back into the car without filming his triumphant run to the top....
....he got a bit winded halfway but made it nonetheless.... !

What a bunch of tourists!

Finally back in the man cave, Kong was happy to pose with my new and improved shelving display for my Super Powers Collection....

Hosting Kong was fun while it lasted! He's a bit cranky in the morning and always hungry....other then that he's a real sweetheart! Kong is now officially on his way to his next destination....keep a close watch....there's no telling where he'll end up next!


  1. Incredible! That climb up the Rocky steps is epic. ;)

    Tell kong I saw his BIG cousin last week while at the beach. I'll send him a photo.

    1. Lol, I got some interesting looks filming that clip ;)

  2. I love to see new Kong's adventures from time to time (last time he was in Canada, I think)