Monday, January 21, 2013

The League has spoken - Spacemen!

Well its Monday again and with this comes a new assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.


As always I usually go with my first thought when reading the assignment. With an assignment like Spacemen,  for me, the clear choice is E.T. My all time favorite spaceman. Go ahead and press play for the full experience =)

E.T. is one of the first movies I remember watching.  Oddly enough, the mere sound of the theme from this movie invokes a whole plethora of memories (maybe not even memories but feelings from a time long past). I don't have many items in my E.T. collection but as for memories relating to this movie...those are stocked full!
A ceramic lamp exactly like this one was in my room as a kid. Unfortunately that exact one was lost in one of the many moves I made when I was little. I was lucky enough to find this one a few years back that still works. The eyes, heart, and finger tip glow. Plenty of great memories attached to this piece...
I guess I was predetermined to love this movie. The above card was from my mom on my first birthday (1983) I'm glad she held onto to all this stuff for me!
I also have this LJN toy that I picked up a few months back for a buck. It shows E.T. from one of my favorite scenes in the movie. He's wearing the robe and holding a beer! For a buck, I couldn't resist.

That does it for my collection. There are other items I hope to add over time but for now I'll let the warm and fuzzy feel this movie gives me hold me over until then....
"I' here"

Oh wait! Heres something else that popped in my head.

I was kind of brainstorming other space related stuff from my childhood and vaguely remembered playing with these toys that came with these cool spacemen figures. I had these when I was really young and kind of forget them. I began scouring the interwebs and even put in a call to my big brother who also remembered playing with them but couldn't remember the name either! I'm pretty sure after several Google searches that "StarCom" was them.  These things were cool and probably some of the first toys I remember playing with.

Any other 80s kids reading this remember these things? Or something similar that came with glow in the dark spacemen? Definitely appreciate any input!

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  1. Great stuff! You have some very cool collectibles here. Always nice to listen to the music as well!

    1. Thanks, for me John Williams is tough to top!

  2. When I watched E.T. years ago it was dubbed to spanish. So when I saw a few menutes of this movie in its original language I didn't knew it was E.T. movie until E.T. himself appeared!
    In spanish E.T. says: "mi casa, mi casa"

  3. Jaime, classic, one of my favorites! Btw I accidentally hit delete instead of publish on your comment. Oops :)

  4. I'm kinda Spaceballs reference?