Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 8 - John Candy, Pizza, Soccer and Toys

While typing out the title of this entry I realized it sounds like I was pretty busy. Truth be told I spent quite a bit of time bumming around (this is inevitable when you have 72 days off). Anyway I started the day with a quick bike ride to the gym (trying to get in exercise early before summer laziness sets in. After the gym (I was back by 9am) I settled in for a bit to watch another summer staple....

I love this movie so much. As I watch these old school 80s gems it always becomes apparent that these sorts of simple fun/family movies are truly a thing of the past. I've seen this movies probably 2 dozen times and I always enjoy it! John Candy is great but I also REALLY enjoy Dan Akroyd's portrayal of rich/obnoxious Uncle Roman!

"Pontoon boat!? What are ya gonna do with that? Retake Omaha!"

After thoroughly enjoying my latest viewing of "The Great Outdoors" I decided to take a drive with a friend to a really cool comic book store. This one actually regularly has vintage toys! 

I love this movie!

 These Funkos are fun!

 Snake Mountain!

 I had a wrestling phase as a kid and had quite a few of these!

 I'm surprised the old Toy Biz X-Men don't get a lot of collecting love in terms of value...

 Eagle Moss Chess Pieces. That Supes w the Daily Planet is pretty sharp.

 Who doesn't love loose vintage Star Wars.

 A wall of vintage awesome....!

These were kinda cool!

I ended up picking up an Orko. This one's from 2002's 200x series.

I usually only collect vintage MOTU but love me some Orko. I have a little collection going for him so I figured a slight deviation from the vintage rule would be ok as long as it was to add to another collection I have going.

From left to right I have the SDCC exclusive color changing from MOTU classics, MOTU classics, MOC vintage and 200x from 2002. Like I said I really like Orko!

To round out the day we hit up Pizza Hut for lunch. I don't know if it's just me, but Pizza Huts remind me of the 80s. This was the old style building with the red roof and throw back looking interior.

While eating I was reminded of one of my favorite old school 80s commercials....

Anyway it was an overall fun and relaxing day. Days like these are why I love summer so much. Plenty of time to relax and just be....

I've got some neat day trips planned this week as well as World Cup soccer outings. Stay tuned for what''s next in the Summer of Rich!


  1. Dang, you're having one awesome summer! My brother and I too went through the wrestling toy phase. I wish I'd've hung on to a few of them. That Pizza Hut commercial sure had some extra cheese, love it!

    1. lol, yeah I vividly remember that commercial and loving it. That kid was such a bad ass! As for the wrestling my brother and I had a phase for about 2 years where I was all about the Ultimate Warrior and he was all about Hogan. It didn't last tho. We did have loads of the toys and the wrestling ring tho ;)

  2. Sounds like a great day. I so wish we had great toy stores around here. Toys R Us, Walmart and Target just don't cut it. I love the Great Outdoors too. John Candy running from the bear and being bounced on is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Still makes me laugh to this day.

    1. They truly don't make em like they used to. Those old school 80s comedians were the best! John a Candy, Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray etc were so great. I totally agree also that nothing tops a good comic shop with cool old toys!