Monday, June 30, 2014

Days 6 & 7 - Toy Shows and Outside Cookin'

The summer of Rich is moving along and I finally did something cool. This past Saturday (6/28) a friend and I made the drive out to a pretty cool toy show.

Many of the vendors had stuff from my favorite lines including vintage Star Wars, MOTU and Super Powers!

 The MOC vintage Indy was super bad ass! I was also surprised to see Colombian released Super Powers figures from the Gulliver toy company. If that Wonder Woman was still attached to the card I'd have whipped out the CC in a flash!

  Check out this box of childhood memories! An amazing assortment of NES and SNES games!

I may be weird but I love random, messy piles of stuff at toy shows!

Some super nice and uber minty Megos!

More random coolness

This was an original display box for "The Force Lightsaber" circa 1983 when ROTJ was released. Neat to see but this guy's prices were bananas!

I don't have a haul to show since I honestly didn't end up buying anything. It wasn't that I didn't see stuff I wanted, I just didn't feel that itch to pull the trigger. The day wasn't totally free of new goodies in the Nerd Nook.... I returned home to find the mail man had dropped off my most recent splurge purchase....

As a kid I ALWAYS wanted one of these and never got one. I'd been following sales on eBay for some time and these guys can fetch a pretty penny. I finally saw one buy it now for a super reasonable price considering what others have sold for and just said "what the heck!"

He's missing his cuffs so I'll be happily scouring the interwebs and future shows for those but honestly he's super cool as is!

Yesterday (6/29) was a pretty kick back kinda day. The wife and I grilled up some seafood and drank summer beer. I don't have much planned for this week so who knows what direction the summer a Rich will take. Stay tuned!


  1. My pet Monster. I remember the commercials well.

  2. There are never any cool toy shows like that around my area...although there is plenty of beer and grilled food...

    1. Ha! Check out the website "convention scene" that's how I hear about a lot of them.