Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 3 - Diner Breakfast, Toy Store, Bike Ride and Karate Kid

Today was fairly uneventful. I started out meeting up with a friend and having breakfast out (I love breakfast out). After that I came back to the cave to finish cleaning up from yesterday's shelving project. I happy to report to cave is back in action and better than ever!
I also gave in and ended up not only buying the Mario figure but also the accessories pack that comes with his jumping stand! I feel like my will power is weakened in the summer months. More time on my hands equals more money spent to entertain myself!

 This really is the most awesome Super Mario toy imaginable!

Here he is all set up on his jump stand!

After my toy store run I decided to take a bike ride (trying to squeeze in at least some exercise each day). Next the wife and I grilled up some grub, headed to Rita's for a sweet treat and I capped off the night with a viewing of one of my favorite 80s classics, "The Karate Kid". I inevitably find myself grinning like an idiot while watching these classic 80s throwbacks. It's fun to let yourself be transported back to that time via these amazing films.....and I didn't even need Doc Brown!
 Tomorrow will involve USA soccer, beers and who knows what else....