Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of Rich - Days 1 and 2

It's SUMMER! Yes, even as an adult, I am lucky enough to enjoy this time off. I use it to recharge the batteries, relax, collect toys, go to collectible shows, and (honestly) reconnect to the kid at heart I'll always be. Being off in the summer gives me a chance to be carefree....a feeling not often felt by grown ups! I got the idea from Tim over at Flashlights Are Something to Eat to blog about my summer as a way of really soaking it in and making sure I don't spend too many days doing nothing. Anyway here goes......
 Day 1
With all that said, the start of my summer was pretty lame if I'm totally honest. I needed a few things done around my house....stuff that I put off handling until summer started. I decided to have both workers come the same day (to get it over with) since they both gave me 6 hour windows of time. Anyway long story short they both showed up and hour late and at the exact same time. It was a bit of a mess but everything is done!

Beings I was stuck in the house I decided to enjoy a nice jolt of 80s. I started off my lazy Monday in the man cave with a viewing of two of my favorite 80s movies (by the great John Hughes of course) "Pretty In Pink" and "The Breakfast Club"
I started with "Pretty In Pink". I don't know what it is about this one, but I really enjoy it. The actors were great, the music is 80s'tacular, and it's John Hughes....what more do you need to say!
"The Breakfast club" doesn't really need much explanation. It's arguably the greatest 80s movie of all time (and that's sayin something!). For me I'm not one to assign "ranks" to my favorite movies. I love tons and enjoy loads of them depending on my mood and what I'm into. I will say there is one that sits at the head of the pack as "all time favorite" and that is and always will be "E.T.".

Anyway that was my first day....80s classics and annoying repair men.

Day 2

An old friend of mine from high school headed out to a comic store with me after a meal at our favorite high school pizza place. The store had so much neat stuff and it took sooo much will power to resist buying anything. I do think I'm gonna head back and pick up this Mario figure. It's amazingly detailed and super fun! I've had 24 hours to think about it and I still want it. Look for him in upcoming posts!

So after the comic store i decided it was time to up the shelving in the man cave. Strangely enough my shelving addition fell exactly one year later to the day of my first shelving project from last summer...

Last year's project

Now the reason I had a hard time deciding on the Mario is I've basically agreed (with myself) on a strict no new/impulse buying of toys. I strictly collect vintage with the occasional newbie (Mario will be one of those). Now last year's shelves were hung to accommodate shorter carded figures like Star Wars and Super Powers. At that point I hadn't started collecting MOTU. Well in the past few months that changed and it quickly became apparent that I needed to expand to have the room needed for the etxra tall (and extra awesome) MOTU cardbacks!
I hung 4 shelves each 6 feet long leaving plenty of room for expansion!

Painted and ready!

Like I said, plenty of room for expansion!

I love the look of the thin shelves for carded figures. It allows for a much brighter presentation and makes it easy for me to really stand there and soak in the awesomeness (I do this a lot!).

I also got the 3rd set of Masters of the Universe Minis in the mail on day 2. These are one of a few collections of new toys I've allowed myself to collect. They're just to neat to pass up!

So that's it for day two. Now to get going on day 3!


  1. YES! The Summer of Rich! Welcome to days of nothing!

    1. Thanks! I just hope it goes slowly!

    2. As you and I both won't.

    3. I'm going to ignore and exist under the naive notion that it'll last forever :)

  2. HAHA...I love that Seinfeld episode.