Friday, June 27, 2014

Days 4 & 5 - Painting, Soccer, Beer and Toys

The Summer of Rich is off to a rather uneventful start. I more or less spentthe entire first week playing catch up with loads of stuff I put off until summer. I also made good on a few promises I made to mom for stuff she needed done around her house.

In spite of my overall boring and uneventful week I'm going to make a quick post to keep consistent!

So yesterday I spent a few hours painting a giant fence around my mom's house. It was kind of ironic having just watched "Karate Kid" the night before. It was like my mom was Miyagi saying "paint the fence!". 

I really should have worn a cool bandana!

After finally finishing her various tasks a buddy and I road our bikes to a local bar for some beers, hot wings and World Cup Soccer. 

Today (day 5)  I reluctantly, having been talked into by a friend, went to see Transformers 4. The nearly 3 hour run time had me hesitant about going. Add in the fact that I was underwhelmed by all the other movies and I really wasn't keen on going. Long story short...I should have saved my ten bucks. What a snoozer! 

Luckily the day wasn't a complete wash. The wife and I stepped out for some sushi (which I love) and had frozen yogurt in the park. The weather was super nice and we had a great time!

 To cap off this up and down Friday I came home to this guy in the mail!

Zodac is my 3rd 8-back so I'm super psyched to have him! Hopefully my posts will get a bit more interesting now that I've essentially caught up with all the "stuff". This weekend I've got a graduation party and a toy show! The summer of Rich is hopefully about to get interesting!


  1. I never got into Heman like I should have.

  2. Karate Kid, beer, toys...I think you and I are writing the same story!

    1. lol! Then let the story continue I say ;)