Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 9 - Ghostbusters, Soccer, Paint and Laziness

The last thing in the title was really theme for day 9. In my defense I've been super busy and really hadn't spent much time bumming around. Yesterday I took care of that little problem!

So my 80s movie binge continued today and I ended up watching Ghostbusters for probably the 30th time (no exaggeration). As expected, I enjoyed the hell out of it and cracked several smiles in response to the epic awesomeness. One of the smiles came at the end when they dig "the little guy" out of the crispy dead dog creature thing and he asks "who are you guys" at which point Ray answers very matter of factly "we're the Ghostbusters". I was ear to ear like a little kid with that line!

The one active thing I did accomplish today was finishing up a few more chores I promised Mom I'd do around her house. I painted some stuff for her and started repainting this antique drum. I decorated it for her years ago and it basically wore out. I put a nice white base coat on and will be adding her desired decorations this weekend.

The above photo basically sums up the rest of my day. I spent it on that couch in my man cave watching soccer and playing Minecraft. My dogs were obviously big fans of this idea!

Not much going on for day 11. I'm actually working a bit at a restaurant I worked out while going through college. Probably skip today's entry for that reason but day 12 I will be looking to spice things up!

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