Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Days 26-27 - 80s flicks, Outback and a Holy Grail!

So I finally watched an 80s favorite of mine "Lucas". If you haven't seen this it is definitely worth watching. I'm always impressed with Corey Haim's performance in this movie. He really nails it and conveys the emotions a kid in Lucas' position would be feeling. I don't want to spoil it so if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!

 The main theme absolutely reeks of the 80s in all the best ways! Definitely worth a listen.....

Rest in Peace Corey

I hadn't seen "Karate Kid 3" in forever and had more or less forgotten the plot. It was free on Netflix streaming so I watched it. I was pretty underwhelmed. It seemed like they were basically remaking the first one without all the awesomeness and weight in the plot. I also found myself wondering how Ralph must have felt still playing the part of a "under 18" character while being in his mid/late 20s.

Day 27 was pretty low key as well. I promised my mom and grandmom I'd drive them out to this shoe store they love. They were super appreciative and made it seem like I did them a big favor. Truth be told I enjoyed myself and looked forward to it. Anytime I can get my 83 year old grandmom out of the house is a win! We got lunch at Outback Steakhouse after the store and had a really good time!
Neat little strip of stores.

Finally I ended my day with a huge package arriving. One of my holy grails for Masters of the Universe!

This is the 1982 first release of Skeletor! It's called an 8 back because it has 8 figures pictured on the back. By 1983 Skeletor was already switched to a 12 back card making the 8 back a grail piece for MOTU collectors. I'm super psyched to have it in my collection. I don't think any other toy line can bring back the sort of nostalgia that Masters of the Universe does. It's a real treat owning this awesome piece of my childhood!

 Me (Skeletor) and my big brother. Probably 1985 or 86. Ah memories...

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