Monday, July 14, 2014

Days 23-25 - The Shore

The wife and I made the drive to Rehoboth beach to visit my in-laws. I was pretty excited to finally be hitting up the beach and walking on the board walk. As a kid I spent loads of time in the summer down the shore. It's always a nice jolt of nostalgia to hear arcade sounds, eat ice cream and check out the amusement park.

Finally got my crabs! All you can eat!

 Far enough south for palm trees.

Liked the looks of this water tower.

 Spent about ten bucks playing Ski-Ball. Had a blast.

Bozo! Remember him?

Used to love the swings!

Anyway that was my weekend. Today I was pretty lazy. We got the drive out of the way early and I spent the rest of the day watching a few old favorites of mine.

Always enjoyed this one from when I was a kid!

Another childhood favorite. A Danny DeVito double feature!