Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 13 - Parks, Nieces, Toys and Movies

Today I was out of my house for almost 12 hours! My niece is in town this weekend and I couldn't wait to spend some time with her....

After bumming around for a bit with morning cartoons and enjoying some waffles we headed out to greet the HOT day. We made sure to get an early start due to the intense humidity. It was super fun. My Mom came along and we played at the park for as long as we could bare it!

After the park we stopped for lunch at Chic Fil A. My niece housed a 4 piece nuggets and I was happy to get her some more. For whatever reason the whole experience reminded me of old times when I was a kid in the summer. I truly can't remember the last time I was at a fast food spot with my mom and actually sat inside and had a meal. I'd say it's 10-15 years easy.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Who knew you could have that much fun over chicken nuggets!

After lunch we went home and cooled off.  We spent some time in the basement playing with toys before she took her nap. Doesn't she have the most awesome toy nook under the stairs? I'd have totally turned that into an epic fort back in the day!

After a morning of fun with my niece a friend and I headed out to see "Snowpiercer". A post apocalyptic sci fi type flick. After the mind numbing experience that was Transformers 4, I was hoping for something different and thought provoking. It was good for the most part. Kinda weird but still enjoyable and interesting.

To round out the day we popped into to another collectible shop (there's gonna be a lot of this in the summer of Rich!).

 This Arkham Asylum 4 pack was pretty sharp. My buddy ended up leaving with it!

 Been on a huge MOTU kick lately and this was pretty cool.

 MOTU Classics are one of my biggest temptations these days. They're brilliant looking toys of some of my childhood favorite characters. If they weren't so pricey and didn't need so much space I'd have caved long ago!

 Anyway that's it for day 13. I'll leave you with some 80s awesomeness. My Pet Monster and MOTU!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in my annual viewing of "Summer Rental" and do some relaxing with family.

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