Thursday, August 7, 2014

LOEB - Top 10
This week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is tasked with creating a top 10 list. The topic is wide open so I decided it would be fun to share my Top 10 favorite knick knacks/decorations in my man cave/collection room/Nerd Nook (as it's come to be called).

In no particular order......

#10 - Saturn V Rocket

I'm a self proclaimed space geek. I find everything about space and its exploration fascinating. This model is cool in that it represents the rocket used in the Apollo missions which resulted in people walking on the face of the moon. In addition to its inherent coolness this was also a gift from my wife. She tries really hard to find nerdy stuff for me when occasions roll around and opening this one was awesome!

#9 - Retro Alf Clip On

Being an 80s kid and a massive fan of the pop culture from that decade this guy is a fun addition to my Nerd Nook. He hangs onto to my desk lamp and has done so for about 3 years now. A good friend of mine gave it to me knowing I was a huge 80s fan. He had it from childhood buried in a drawer. Nobody puts Alf in a drawer!

#8 - Super Powers Collection Mail Away Poster
 Being a massive Super Powers fan/collector I had to own this poster. It was one of the offers kids could send away for. I never had it as a kid but knew I needed it as an adult. It took about 2 years to finally score one in nice shape. This one was virtually untouched. No rips, creases or pin holes. I took it to be custom framed straight away. I ended up choosing a metallic red frame which I think looks rad and compliments the loudness of this epic 80s poster!

#7 - My "Straight from Germany" Nut Cracker

For most people Nut Crackers are seasonal decorations taken out during the holidays. For me, this guy is proudly displayed all year around on the window ledge above my desk. My big bro brought it home for me about 4 years ago from his trip to Germany. I always wanted a real-deal nut cracker and the fact that my bro remembered this and hauled it all the way back from Germany instantly placed this guy high up on my list of favorite possessions!

#6 - My MOTU knick knacks

Having recently ventured into vintage MOTU collecting I had to have some fun "stuff" to display around the vintage collectibles. I've always loved Orko so I grabbed both of his versions from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. The other guys are just fun little toys that I enjoy displaying around.

#5 - Cast signed "The Breakfast Club" 8x10

Being one of my all time favorite movies when I had a shot at this I jumped on it. It's a super iconic image from the movie and the era itself and I absolutely love having this display in my man cave! "Hi" back Mr. Nelson =)

#4 - My Pet Monster

There's just something about this toy that screams 80s! It reeks of the era in all the best ways! I never had one of these as a kid and it's one of those toys I always wanted. I finally grabbed this one for a great price and have him proudly displayed in my man cave! Some day I'll track down those orange cuffs but until then this guy is on the loose!
#3 - My Star Wars Statues

It's always makes an item extra special to me when my wife (who is the least nerdy person in the world) goes out of her way to buy me nerdy stuff. These two items represent two surprise gifts from my her and I love both of them!

#2 - E.T. Collection

E.T. is hands down my favorite movie of all time. It's an amazing film with loads of nostalgia and good memories attached to it. For those reasons it will always be my favorite. The night light up there is the closest I've come to replacing a lamp my brother and I had in our room as young kids. It looked exactly the same only it had a pole coming out of the top allowing for a bulb and a shade. To this day I haven't been able to find one but the hunt continues!

#1 - My Childhood Toys

I did say that these items were in no particular order and that is true with all the entries except this one. These are my number 1 favorite items in my collection/man cave. Each of these has been with me since childhood and each tell a story. I can remember how and where I got them all!I can even remember the day I lost "Flying Fist He-Man's" accessories in a water trap on a golf course near my house. With these being the only toys I have left they're a super important part of my collection!

So I'm sure you can see most of the stuff of this list is there for a sentimental reason or connection. I guess much of collecting is rooted in memories and the pursuit of reliving them. Without many of the items on this list my love for pop culture wouldn't exist making these items priceless!

I hope you enjoyed looking my top ten items. Be sure to scope out Cool and Collected for the rest of the League's entries!

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  1. Wow, I've never seen anything like that ET nightlight - that's really an awesome discussion piece to have in your collection!