Monday, September 1, 2014

LOEB - Dinner Party
 "Dinner Party! Invite five guests (dead, alive, or fictional) for the ultimate dinner party."
 #1 - Drunk E.T.
Can't go wrong combining my all-time favorite movie with a drunk alien dinner party guest.

#2 - Mrs. Doubtfire
 With the recent passing of the great Robin Williams I've recently re-watched many of my favorites of his. My dinner party wouldn't be complete without this awesome character's antics!

#3 - John Hughes
 Being the brains behind many of my favorite flicks, I just don't think my party would be complete without him.

#2 -Lewis Tully
I've had "Ghostbusters" on the brain with it turning 30 this weekend. I thought about choosing Peter but remembered this great character! 

#1 - Harrison Ford
 Because he's Harrison ford.

So that's my dinner party! Be sure to scope Cool and  Collected for all the rest!


  1. Great list! You could squeeze info out of Harrison on the up and coming Star Wars film. :)