Friday, August 1, 2014

LOEB - CONtemplation
With San Diego being the biggest nerd convention in America there are always loads of teasers and announcements. This week's assignment from the League is all about what news/products came out of the con that have drawn our collective gazes......

First and foremost I must mention the leaked teaser for "Batman V. Superman". For whatever reason this teaser hasn't been released outside of the con. Luckily we live in an age where keeping things a secret is next to impossible. Within hours the leaked footage was on YouTube (quickly removed) and I got to see it. It was terrible quality but it got the point across...
As a lifelong lover of Batman and Superman (my 1 and 2 favorite heroes) I'm psyched for this movie. Just seeing these two iconic characters in the same preview was awesome

The next item worth mentioning is a dreaded SDCC exclusive. I've come to hate these honestly. They're always really cool, highly inaccessible (even if you attend and wait hours) and inevitably scalped by dealers for ridiculous prices.

Anyway it's the Kre-O Class of 84 Transformers set...
 It's got all the best characters done up in their original retro 80s style.

The other exclusive that I really liked was LEGO's 1966 Batmobile set. It too is going for silly money on ebay...
....but as you can see, it's super awesome!

The last thing I'll mention is a new line announced by Mattel that I'm likely to end up collecting, Masters of the Universe Giants!

With the success of Gentle Giant's 12 inch scale Vintage Star Wars line and the upcoming G.I. Joe versions, oversize remakes seem to be the "it" thing. 

The Snake is on a six inch scale so you can see these are gonna be BIG!

These guys are going on sale starting in September and will be one character a month until the end of the year. I'm fairly certain I'll cave and at least end up with Beast Man, Skeletor, and He-Man!

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Screen grabs of the MOTU Giants taken from Pixel Dan's video below....

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