Sunday, April 28, 2013

LEGO Series 10 Bling Bag Minifigures!

The ever popular blind bagged LEGO minifigures have reached their 10th wave and there are certainly some cool characters to commemorate this wave!

The Sad Clown and Bumble Bee Girl are two of my favorites from the wave....

Xena (thats' not really her name) the Warrior Princess and Medusa are two other highlights from this great series of mini figs.

I guess this is a Continental Army soldier. He's pretty cool and carries a nice musket.

I was lucky, I bought 7 packs and didn't get any duplicates. I did, however, get these two. Pretty unexciting if ya ask me. A librarian and a teen age chick with a cell phone and a puppy. These were the "eh" pair from my haul. But I really can't complain. Got all the ones I wanted and no dups!
There is also a rare 17th figure called "Mr. Gold" who is limited to only 5,000. Several are listed on ebay for crazy amounts!


  1. Nice haul - well, except for Paris Hilton haha - but you got all the best for this wave in my opinion!

  2. Lol, Paris Hilton. I kind of want the grandpa minifig too...