Monday, May 26, 2014

LOEB - James, Jimbo, Jimmy
I knew right away, upon seeing this, that I'd be writing about everyone's favorite suave British spy.... non other than 007 himself, Bond...Jame Bond!

Now I mentioned a while back in a post that James Bond, more specifically, "Goldfinger" is one of the earliest movies I remember seeing and really liking. Bond is a quintessential building block in what lead to my overall love of all things pop culture. I decided a great way to approach this assignment would be to run down my top 5 favorite Bond themes. After-all what can drum up a memory better than a song.....

#5 - The World Is Not Enough
Pierce Brosnan is easily my second favorite Bond (after Sean of course). This theme takes me back to high school and seeing this film with my buddies. Simpler and fun times!

#4 - Diamonds Are Forever
This one holds a sentimental place for me. I first remember seeing this one with my Great Uncle Anthony. Certainly not the best movie but the memories attached to this song are what this choice is all about.....

#3 - You Only Live Twice
For this one it's purely me enjoying the song, especially the lyrics. "You only live twice, one life for yourself and one for your dreams". That's pretty deep to me and certainly quite a bit of truth to that....

#2 - Golden Eye
Here's yet another Bond theme that takes me back to high school. My friends, brother and I were addicted to the N64 multiplayer from the Golden Eye game. It was crude by today's standards but man did we have fun. We'd hang at the hot spots for kids our age, skate home on our hockey roller blades, order Chinese or a pizza and play that game til the wee hours. So much fun!

#1 - Goldfinger
No surprise with this one. I can still remember the old vhs box sitting on top of our VCR....

So that's it for me and this League post. Be sure to check out Cool and Collected for the rest of the League's take on this assignment!

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