Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Fools Toy Show 2014

This is the second time I've attended this's a really decent one with loads of toys! Most of the items are in loose/played with condition, but there are also many MOC/MIB gems for the serious collector as well. Nostalgia and good memories are, of course, not in short supply! Today's trip was extra special for me. It's the first time my wife has accompanied me on one of my nerdy endeavors. I knew she'd enjoy herself....she even ended bringing home about 100 bucks worth of bounty!

Anyway with an event such as this, a picture tells 1,000 words.....
I can't pass a Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain playset without snapping a photo. I can still hear the sound of my voice as I played with this legendary toy! 

 Some Super Hero Bootlegs from South America.

 More than meets the eye....

 Loose MOTU figures are always in high supply at any toy show!

 Some movie monster toys....

 My wife was loving all the She-Ra stuff. I was excited to see her enjoying herself!

 This table was loaded with cool, vintage, Super Hero awesomeness!

 A really neat Monsters poster

 Mostly loose Star Wars, but there was this epic AT-AT in this massive box!

 The Chief even showed up for this one!

 Visual confirmation of my wife enjoying herself! 

 A bunch of random old buttons

 A plethora of old school toys!

 With summer quickly approaching, I considered purchasing this and putting it to use!

 This was one of those items that brought out a "I remember that!"

 Some great toys in this shot. You'll be seeing that MOC Skeletor again very soon!

 Can't think of my childhood without remembering the Muppets!

 My wife liked this bin....a lot!

 And I like this shelf....A LOT! AFA graded set of the original 4 turtles!..."I'll just find a cash machine..."

There was so much more offered at this show. The 5$ admission was well worth it. The prices seamed fair and dealers (at least the ones we dealt with) were willing to negotiate. I'd highly recommend making the trip to Newcastle for next year's show! Even if you don't buy a think the memories are worth 5 bucks any day!

Now for our haul!
 The last thing I expected to come back with were MOC vintage MOTU figures. I came across these and got a deal I definitely could not refuse! I personally think I got a steal on these and am planning to have them both graded by the AFA at some point in the future!
Iconic for sure!

My wife also had a pretty decent haul today.

She absolutely loves fall and Halloween decorations and got a jump on this year's decor. She snagged these two vintage witch decorations from the 60s! 

I thought they were awesome and totally supported the transaction! Our house is gonna look sweet come October.

Finally she grabbed these old Disney books which included a vinyl record. I'm looking forward to some nostalgia while listening to them together.

So that's it for my toy show Sunday. Surprisingly enough the highlight of my day isn't the amazing MOTU figures I scored. It was sharing this hobby I love so much with my wife. I think I can say with confidence she'll be doing this again, and I'm psyched for the next one!

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  1. I would have gotten those Universal Monster kits for the Cafe for sure!