Monday, February 18, 2013

The League Has Spoken....

So unbeknownst to me, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is celebrating its first birthday. Being relatively new to the League, I missed many of the awesome topics from the past year. Anyway this week's topic is:

"1. Write about your involvement in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and recall some of your favorite posts — these could be your own and/or those written by others. 
2. Come up with a list of potential topics you would like to see as future weekly League challenges."

I guess I'll start by saying I really enjoy the League. I enjoy the assignments and I also really enjoy reading my fellow League member's takes on the same topics. This will mark my tenth post for the League. We've covered all sorts of things in those weeks. I especially enjoyed the one word topics. I felt like those topics really got my brain going and unearthed some memories that were buried pretty deep...not to mention led to my discovering a childhood toy that I thought was lost forever!  So far my favorite posts from my blog would have to be:
Pirates (unearthed some great memories with this one)

There have also been loads of League posts that I really enjoyed. Without singling out specific blogs I'll simply say I really enjoyed last week's posts. Everyone seemed to really lay it on the line with what they love. I also remember reading many of your "Saturday Morning Cartoon" lineups (this was before I had my own blog). The mix tapes assignment was also a good one!  I've been reading Brian's blog since discovering it this past summer and have really enjoyed much of what you all have been up to. I wanted to get in on the fun and finally took the plunge into my own blog. It's been really fun so far and I look forward to seeing where this blog will be when it celebrates its first birthday.

Part 2 - Potential League Topics:
1. Choose one of your favorite old school Pop Culture related movies and recast the lead roles with modern/current actors.
lol....for the record I wouldn't choose these two!
2. More one word topics! Those were fun.
3. Share photos from childhood that prove your life long love of pop culture.
4.The shelf expression assignment was cool (I missed that one by one week!) More assignments that show off leaguer's collections. Maybe specific to a character or genre.
I kind of like Super Powers Batman! (They are all different by the way)
5. Top 5 movies that influenced your love of pop culture.
6. All time favorite toy (yup one)
7. Topics relating to old school gaming (I miss going to arcades! I remember going to ChiChi's, eating enchiladas and playing the Ninja Turtles arcade on that giant machine with four joy sticks!

8. Favorite montages from the 80s and early 90s!
9. How do you foresee your fandom evolving as you get older and wiser. Where will you and your collection be 20 years from now. In other words "what is your pop culture destiny!?"
10. Favorite toys you never had as a kid...

Ok that's all I have for now. I hope all or some of these ideas will help will potential future assignments. I must say the league members are a great bunch with some awesome blogs! I'm psyched to finally have gotten in on the fun!

"we few, we happy few, we band of LEAGUERS!"

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  1. An awesome first post for this assignment. Glad the League inspired you to create this blog and I know we all look forward to many more posts.

  2. Thanks! The League and this blog are both great outlets for my nerdom!