Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toy Spotlight - Man of Steel

As you can imagine the Man of Steel merchandise is slowly but surely beginning to roll out in anticipation of the movie's release this spring. This weekend these images were released of some pretty incredible looking action figures, a Lego playset, and some pretty lolzy Funko figures.
This figure looks pretty sweet. I personally dig the new costume and they absolutely nailed Henry Cavill's features in this face sculpt. 

They did Russell Crowe proud with this amazing likeness of him portraying Jor-El, Superman's Kryptonian father.

A pretty sweet looking General Zod figure. I'm stoked that they chose him as the first villain to launch this new franchise. Superman needs a formidable foe, one who can match his great powers. Don't get me wrong, I love Lex Luthor....but this will definitely freshen things up a bit! So psyched for this movie!

These Funkos are really fun takes on so many iconic characters. They once again nailed it with these two.

Finally, they have also released this picture showing an upcoming Man of Steel Lego set.
Anyone who has been reading my blog lately knows that I really enjoy Lego, especially the minifigures. This set looks like it will be a cost friendly way to score the two main minfigures from this movie!
For now that's it. But I'm sure as the movie's release gets closer more and more Man of Steel  merchandise will continue to pop up. I really like those action figures but probably won't end up with any. With all the awesome stuff set to come out it is tough to decide what to collect and what to pass on. I'm still on the fence with the Star Wars Black Series. All this stuff just looks so awesome......I digress.

"Not God......Zod!!!"


  1. Cool spotlight Rich. I've always been a big Supes fan, but I'm a bit skeptical about this movie - and his suit. I'm not a huge fan of change, at least with my DC superheroes. I still haven't even dabbled with the New 52.

  2. I'm psyched for it. There's something about Superman movies that just transports me back to being a kid. As for the toys, I actually just sold off my whole new 52 collection. They are cool, but I decided to focus more on my vintage stuff. There's so much cool stuff I have to tell myself no, no and no again!