Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nerd Nook Newbies

This week's Newbie will be a quick one. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I avidly collect Super Powers. Well I added some loose foreign figures this week that I'm pretty excited about....
The Estrela Super Powers Collection was made in Brazil. Collectors agree that of the South American lines, Estrela produced the highest quality figures. These figures are rare, especially mint on card examples.

These examples of Batman and Superman are foreign variants, both being from the Estrela toy company.

"Estrela" molded into the plastic.
Carded examples from of Estrela Super Powers are pretty rare. I'm hoping to eventually score a carded Estrela Batman.....eventually....maybe.....

Both Estrela Batmans. The one on the right was made in 1989 for a very short time to go along with the release of 1989's Batman. The mold from the Super Powers Batman was used, making this a very desirable figure for collectors.

Here is a comparison of the Estrela cape (left) and Kenner cape (right). I personally think the Estrela cape is cooler and includes more detail.

So that does it for this quick Nerd Nook Newbie. I personally love the diversity and excitement foreign figures bring to Super Powers collections. For a Super Powers fan such as myself, these additions are pretty sweet. I'm excited to have them in my collection.

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